My SV has stalled and I can't move it

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What happened: The CSW from EU to NA locked my SV and I can’t move it. I can access all the devices and enter the cockpit but it will not allow me to move the ship and the landing gear is down. Undock and Detatch commands do not work
Player(s) with issue: Upgrayedd
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Aug 30 @18:00
Playfield: CSW
Structure Name(s): Pimpin Aint Easy
Structure ID(s): 53535170
How can we help you now: Can you fix my ship

Did you check that you have fuel in it? Did you try relog? Is all the nessassary things on like thrusters and rcs?


I hoped I fixed it already. The real bugfix comes next week with the Empyrion update. until then I tried a workaround but I guess the load was to high for the fix.

Only way for now is to undock the ships before you do csw (which I implemented as fix now).
And if it does not move… we have to destroy it and spawn it back…

So I spawned it back. Should work now. But it will have lost groups/signals etc :frowning: .

Thanks Jascha! As always you guys at HWS have helped me out of a sticky situation. What was/is the bug? I did a few cross server warps this morning with no issue; but right after the chat bot was restarted I did a csw and it bugged out.

Yeah it’s been happening so I wouldn’t csw with anything to important until it gets fixed next week.

The Problem are docked ships.
Devs changed something that if you respawn a docked vessel it waits until his main vessel is there (but it never will because all ships get new id’s when we respawn them. So the docked sv just stays frozen all the time.)
Therefore at the moment I undock them before CSW. Maybe due to the restart it was not able to do it.

So if you have important docked vessels, just undock them before CSW (until next weeks update) and you are definitely save.

OK that makes perfect sense now. Is there a section on the forum that has a list of all current bugs and work around to prevent them? Or is there the concern that players might use said information as exploits?

hm no section for that yet.
But for us maybe a good Idea, thanks. Especially if its HWS-game relevant. @RexXxuS?
But it would also be a topic we have to keep updated…

In this case I don’t think that you can exploit anything. Since its rather a bug that destroys your stuff. Same would be for the other bugs.

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