My wishes and suggestions for 6.0

My wishes and suggestions for 6.0.

First, I’m sorry for my bad English.

Ok, these are my suggestion for 6.0 and why.

1- No autominers.
Do you need resources? Drill. This will make people move and not generate millions of resources without even connecting. The struggle for resources and movement are essential for good pvp . Also limiting the resources, we will limit the number of giant capital vessel and the importance of what happens to my ship … My ship is destroy? … no problem, I can spawn 5 more.

2- CV Limit

0 Private CV
1-2 CV Faction

Yes, it is drastic, but with this we would get a more real server. A stellar destroyer piloted by just one person? Where did you see that?
You want a big ship? Then join a faction, a pilot and the other gunners. More real and we would end up with tons of lag. More factional alliances needed
To make this reality, we would need a good market of ships, where you could buy SV with warp as we have now

3 Armaggedon (planet for SV battles) 24 h pvp

This is very easy. Tons of gold meteorites.
0 CV Private and Faccion
0 HV Private and faction
For this we need in the market SV with drill

I understand your thinking but there is a lot of things you aren’t considering. Just becuase people are in factions together doesn’t mean they always want to share the same big ship, people get uncomfortable not having their own little spot that’s their’s. Also what if 3 people want to travel to different locations to do their thing only cv is capable of warp so it would be impossible and people would feel confined and trapped.

The only way to remove autominers is if t2 hand drills drilled 6-8 times faster, cv’s drilled 5x faster and hv’s drilled 3x faster. Right now they are horribly slow… no one wants to sit for 20 hours mining for a ship they loose in 2minutes.

Also what about the people that already have so many resources in their ocd’s limiting resources will only put new people at a disadvantage, alternitively try wiping everyones ocds clean you will have so many people leaving it wont even be funny becuase the thought of having hundreds of hours gone is super depressing.

What could be an option thou but dev side, is that they make sv’s warp capable and push up the resource prices of cv’s by 10x that way having a capital ship would be a lot more scary, a much bigger investment and it would be more reasonable for them to be all mighty. Also new people would only need a sv, a much smaller investment to play and having a cv wouldn’t be a necessity which in my opinion would be much better.

For a game comparison eve online has a ship called a titan it takes an entire faction of 10-50 people a few weeks/months to farm for, but the ship is huge and people still take the time to get them even thou they are such a huge investment, that’s why i believe making cv’s more expensive could be an answer, it would also give people a long term goal.


1: I really agree with you about this. Autominers are ruining the economy and people don’t need to put in any effort. They have so many resources easily and overall, the value of stuff is too small.
You can look at the marketplace. It isn’t worth it to sell anything that you mine manually. That’s very discouraging.

2: I don’t even understand why anyone would have a private CV. They are visible on the map in orbit. We might as well make it so you have to set it to faction and let people play alone if they want to.

  • About people joining other factions. This is not possible because of many rules that encourage people to split up. Besides, people’s playstyles in factions are different, so it doesn’t work well. But yes, I wish we could play more in a faction. So maybe remove some rules like 1 CV in Elemental Marketplace or 1 base on Harkonnen planet.

3: Armageddon should stay 6 hour PvP. And about Armageddon, we need to have a bigger discussion like we did with the poll. Too bad that the planet didn’t wipe. Now there is little pvp there because of status quo and boredom from people who live there.

I disagree with you scamin & ZtyX. If you want a grindfest, I suggest you start your own server (if possible disable autominers and see how many people are left playing). I bet barely no one will play on your server.

Only people who don’t have any real life, will grind all day for a CV, over and over and over again - which by the way you can easily loose in this game (no need to list all the bugs, that can happen and lead to be raided…let’s not talk about lag combat, lag shots etc.)

Being part of the working population, this would end my time in Empyrion. Once you don’t have the option for an Autominer anymore, the playfield will never be leveled for new and smaller factions vs. large factions. With an autominer you can at least get back into the fight fairly quickly, if you don’t have that and need to farm for weeks on PVP, wow all the fun will be gone because dying and drilling is not fun. Maybe you think of a scenrario where only 1V1 happens during farming on PVP ? That will not be the case - the large factions will “sweep” a planet and all of you 1-3 people factions will sit on the sidelines and get close to nothing.

We don’t live on a PVE Planet, we just got access to some of them after more than two tough weeks in PVP, mostly farming solo with a hand drill or high risk in a HW Tank - and it is still very tough to get to the ressources.

At least after all that grind and the grindfest on starter planet I can now place a couple of AM on Gabriel or Zion to get a bit of the required stuff for my lost ships and farm the rest manually.

In my opinion HWS Team did a great job on limiting the AM to one per person, creating RP PVE Planets etc.
That is absolutely fair, but with Autominers gone and no offline protection, it will be a game for no lifers.

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Uh I don’t think you’ve played in a while. That bug was fixed back in 4.4. I’ve had a private base out in space for the past two months and have never gotten raided

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