Mysterious Duplicated 10k block ship on phobos or something else?

this is extremely complicated so ill start from the beginning.

I bought the MDA Flagship from Apona it is a pre1.7 Silver and Blue 10k block ship. I accidentally parked it on Phobos not thinking about the block limit. This ship is outfitted with the obsolete non upgrade 50hp hull grey blocks.

I went to discord and alerted admins I realized my error but was driving, Statler moved my ship to orbit to reset the over limit ban counter but I dont think ti was working right. We had another faction ship in orbit and were getting warned so “doratheexplora” got a ride from gareth### from MAD to orbit to take Aponas ship i bought now named LDA - Karma to PK4. upon arrival to pk4 Dora was auto banned and statler could not get it to stop auto banning.

NOw fast forward several hours I goto pk4 and my ship is there and is good. I goto phobos and I SEE THE SAME SHIP complete with obsolete blocks. but it is faction owned by LOH.

I speak to Gareth and He speaks also with Andrea and there is a slim chance this ship was printed from blueprint due to the pre 1.7 blocks and its a coincidence that it is there the same day I was.

I think dora’s ban has something to do with statler warping the ship and somehow cloning it? or something Id o not know this is very strange. screenshot below

I am not accusing LOH of anything, i was told to make a forum post because it did not make sense, not to mention phobos over block limit warning isnt working


thanks a lot.
Andrea got banned? Gues rex took care of it. But thats strange… If someone is still banned let us know.

About the ship. I somehow remember that ship. Not sure if I gave it to you guys back from backup after you lost it or if it was in pole and I got it out. But I remember it. Not so, long ago. But that would not explain it.

Can you check next time if they have the same ID (go close and type “di” in console), but then everything you do would be also done to that ship… We had that also once. But this sounds different.