Mysteriously lost faction

was at 150, waiting for it to go to 151, and i refreshed and it then said i had 148. No deaths, just lost two points for some reason. Please check the logs so i can them back please.


You activated the super feature: Global Scan!

Now the PvP hunt can start for you :wink:

As soon as Jascha has some time we activate the additional RP gain feature so even if you don’t use global scan you can still get more.

The additional RP gain? I just havent figured out the benefit of seeing cores. I mean if i clicked on the map and it showed me where they are that would be different (and probably broken). Dieing kills enough as is. Sorry, its a long grind and now i have this to add on top of it.

Is there anyway i can turn it off? Because there is zero chance this is useful and even less that i would use it. I mean, sure theres 104 cores in Saturn…And?

hmm if you type DI in console don’t you get this for free thou? Structs/ents

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