NA boggartbob25: Prison and Ban for 2 days

boggartbob25 broke the rules by draining ammo for a long time and got send to prison for 3 days.
Sadly he was not content with the ladies there :(.
On his attempted to flee he got banned for 2 days.

hello i am the boggartbob… IT is true What they say to an extent… i was a day 2 player had not been to the forums and did in fact drain ILL Ammo… I understand Not knowing the rules is no excuse… but had i known them i wouldnt have done so…
However The story has much more to it… First i was wiped 100 percent by ill my first night… upon logging in and complaining that i had nothing left and would have to restart account most likely… ILL found me and killed me with a ship and took my backpack <----- that is also against the rules as i have now read them…

I found their base and did what we all know i did… However policy was not followed
No admin warned me
I was sent to prison for a week aka till the 9th

MY account already being ruined i was like f it and restarted my account upon restarting my account i announced i had escaped prison and was banned for 3 days They have now fixed this “issue” as when i logged in i am still in prison but can not restart.

MY treatment over this issue is rather unfair… considering first offense… Id like to play my game and id like to see that happen soon if possible. I appreciate The efforts towards a friendly server… but this is overkill.

Thanks for your clarification.
We can’t warn all the time - for that we have rules.
And not a week. 2 days like the topic header says. For now you are free in PK1 orbit.

For that we always saying that escaping with this technique is also against the rule. If you are in prison it has a reason and escaping from there will punished harder.

Again we have rules to have a friendly server. And we have this forum to clarify things. Next time there will hopefully more discussion who did what and how to handle it.

Thank you for resolving this…i wont make more of an issue of it.