-----NA Friday Night Fire Fight-----

I have an idea that could bring a little excitement to the NA Server
that even new players can enjoy.

We need neutral player, I nominate Hop.
We need a pvp planet accessible to all players.
We need some HWS Vets to ensure rules are kept.

Full Loot
Personal Weapons Only (Epics Allowed)

-----Battle Map-----
Place 5 bases in a line between two ridgelines. Bases 1 and 5 will have Sentry turrets only.
These will act as HQ’s to the two opposing forces. Bases 2,3,&4 will have no turrets of
any kind. Bases will be made of concrete except for core room. Any blockes added by
defenders must be concrete. Doors are permitted as well.

HQ’s will contain Medic Station, 2 T2 Fridges, 4adv constr.,4ammo boxes,10 cargo.
O2 station as needed but would prefer not to first time out.

Let’s get some input and I will update the Rules and Battlemap as needed.

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Is this a capture the HQ game? Is the goal to take the other HQ with the 3 bases between means as “hills” that can be taken and used to advance the line?

The winner is who takes the other HQ with hand weapons ONLY?

Ps: on a business trip and returning Friday evening. Can I recommend Saturday perhaps? Also, if it’s earlier in the day, you may also get our EU Fam to participate.

This sounds like fun. I’m In.

yes capture the flag. Placing the string of bases in a valley the ridgelines can act as a boundary.
yes winner is who takes other HQ with hand weapons only.

HQ’s with max sentry turrets would make it all but impossible to capture. This means battle could
go on indefinitely.

Op4 and our allies have a good amount of players to act as one of the opposing forces. I have a
good amount of concrete blocks to burn.

heck yeah :slight_smile:

This sounds fun! Until you spawn in the enemy med chamber ><

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Set the med station in your perspective HQ as home. problem solved.

I think it may become an issue because of the bug that causes you to spawn in random medbays even when you choose to spawn at home.

If it happens you’ll probably die a lot as they will be defended with sentry turrets.
Sucks to Suck. I’ve never had the issue when I selected a Home Spawn.

I think there should be no spawning in medbay only currently location since teams will be mix factions and if you wanna heal after spawning run back and heal.

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Nice idea cent!! Another idea is to put the medbays in a neutral building in center, 4 rooms, 4 exits in 4 directions and 4 medbays. About as random as you can get. If you wanna take the chance at spawning in a medbay, you may get spawn camped. Otherwise pop in nearby and hope for best!

One of the Planets in Homeworld system would work. I believe Light was suggested and it has
no occupiers.I’ll Start scouting a location. Vets can assure new players can get safe passage
I’m sure.

Ressurecting – We have < 1 week on this universe. Lets do this.

I’ve found a location and build a HQ BA and a Middle ground BA that we will put 3 between.

I’ll post a new post with the full rules – PLEASE DO NOT Grieve these structures named “VALLEY CTF XXX” and factioned U$C – they are low value, concrete buildings (Disposable for the event), and defenseless against a vessel.

Keep an eye out for a post on the EVENTs forum :smiley:

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ive got concrete stockpiled if you need more. Would like get at least 1 battle b4 wipe.

Start gathering people from anywhere. We can make an hour or two event, leaderboard team elimination.

Kill the core, not the base, it’s protected by glass if you can make it.

Hand weapons only, change weapons between heats. No medbay. O2 only, limited to 10 refills each HQ.