NA server offline

NA server is down!

Should be online. People said nothing was down.

hm there are 21 Player playing and server has no load. Could it be that your ping is quite high?

my ping is alway low in the 20 to 60 normaly

i have no idea whats the issue here, could i be ban by mistake so i cant see it?

hm just checked. You are not banned and that would not take it from the list.
But also for me it has a bit higher ping to na, but it works. Maybe rstart internet or pc or game, just incase

already done it

and i just rebooted everything again its still the same

I have had the same issue Lindenn. Have not seen the server in my list for several hours.

I am in Aust and can’t see the EU servers, but I have always been able to see NA.

Have also restarted everything.

mabye the provider has network issues. Let me restart the server just in case.

i hapened few weeks ago after a server restart, Rexxxus somehow fixed it

@RexXxuS any Idea?

no detail as i can remember
i’ll check our steam chat

Does it work now?

not at the moment… :frowning:

Hmm nope.
I changed the server names a bit. So maybe it is not cached for you anymore.
However please never go over this tab. Always click at the top at “History”. This is a lot faster and easier than filter HWS.

Same for me, still not showing

Just appeared and I have logged in ok.

i add to go to my buisiness where the internet come from and reboot every routers, now i’m online