NA Xerult Orbit WIPE!

Last chance to get all your stuff out of the Orbit. Since you Ignore the warnings and the structures touch a VERY CRITICAL number we have to wipe the orbit to keep the server running. Sorry, but the game has a limit. We warned you to leave the orbit since it had 150 structures. Now it has 251 and 255 is DEAD!

Please leave now if you dont want to loose anything. Wipe will be coming today or tomorrow. Depending on how fast people fill it up again! We have no chance. If 255 is reached we have no chance of recovery. So its in your hand!

Jascha, this is inevitable ?, because yesterday I jumped there with my ships and I can not log in now I am working, it has a forecast it will be until the period of the night 22:00 in the time zone of NY can still be all ok There?

2 weeks and everyone ignored the warnings. We are really sorry but we can’t let ignorance damage the whole server. :disappointed:

@Freemam_br the wipe is going to happen in 19 hours.

I honestly did not know it was like this, and I read the forum frequently, until I warn you in the chat of the game but generally are related to homeworld gold, trade and alliance, I did not notice that jagal was so bad, but thanks for the warning I’ll try to save something …

19 hours from Berlin, or 19 hours from NY?

Well mostly you know about it because people lost a lot of stuff during warps.
It is a technically bottleneck we can’t take it easy.
If 255 cores are reached the playfield is completely dead. I mean really dead. You can’t restore it anymore. You can’t do anything with it anymore.
So before we better let you fly out…

We had one day a corruption at that playfield where this orbit, Xerult Orbit alone took 25GB RAM… think about it…

19 hours in total time regardless of the timezone (in 19 hours the 3AM (UTC-5) restart is gonna happen)

Yes, I understand, by my calculations I will have time to remove everything, here I am in utc -3, I hope that in 5.0 these problems will be solved …

Sounds like you got a new Nova over there :worried:

I take it ships on Jagal will be ok its just the orbit itself being wiped correct?

~only~ Xerult Orbit aka Jagal Orbit

Why wait just wipe it now for the rest of us.

sorry gunslinger but this is the 1st my faction has seen of this. we all parked in jagal orbit last night so wiping would be bad for many right now.

You not even playing on NA so nice try :stuck_out_tongue:


oh NA whoops sorry

Rexx/Jas…sanity check here please: For us USA centric players :slight_smile: that wipe is at 10 PM EDT Friday which is -5 UTC

You can orient yourself by the Wipe Counter at the hws connect page for example. Just click there on the globe icon and see the time for Alienworld. That is also the wipe of Xerult Orbit

All my wipe counters on HWS Connect for NA say zero!

Because you and other have some aggressive cache logic in your browser. Please make sure to clear your cache from time to time. At least for

Either spam CTRL+R (in chrome) or CTRL+H (chrome) / CTRL+SHIFT+DEL (firefox) for the delete history popup.

Then you see the timers are running fine

this is why we need a 3 core limit per player.

Sorry guys just woke up and missed the wipe. Lucky for people who still need to fly out there.
The wipe will be definitely in 7 hours now.

Spread the word.

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Probably should be like max 2 CV cores per player/playfield. Maybe 5 BA max per faction/playfield. SV/HV I don’t think should count, not enough blocks/devices.