Nascar fan here

The only time I use my hover craft is to mine for resources so it gets pretty boring. I was wondering if there would be a way to create a PVE world that people can NOT place bases except for admins and create race tracks. You could call that world HoverCar or something silly and it would have several different race tracks that people could race on with their starter bikes or small hover crafts. Or maybe a air course like from Star Citizen where people will have to fly through hoops, but just an idea boss.

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Dw I’m already into something like this but chances are won’t come around till 6.0 won’t be HV’s tho I’ve designed a small SV which will be fitted with one rocket launcher, there will be an enclosed track to race around with some hidden surprises along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

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We;ve been asking for this for some time! It woudl be rad especially now with Auxilio.

I have a couple of legit racetracks in my BP library just for funtime that certainly wouldnt work here in HWS.

Dw hop I’ve got the ships ready for it, it’s a variation of the black transport ship I’m using :wink: if got a few projects to work on but I’ll defo get round to the track soon :slight_smile: soon as they are done I’ll get the track done and if there’s enough time before 6.0 I’ll see about getting a few races organised :slight_smile: