Natural Order Guide (NAT) on a Decent shaped Base for Pvp

Heres a video of my current triangle pvp base on Homeworld Planet. It needs to be tested so raiders are welcomed with open…turrets will fire! xD…

Its also to inspire people with ideas and designs to build their own pvp bases. This triangle is a three in one base. I find that the triangle shape is best compered to a circle or square base because only three sides are required to be defended instead of 4. Also the guns from the tip of one of the three sides are better suited to support the other because of the shape itself.

Also the strongest part of this triangle shaped base are its tips because if the enemy attacks from one of its tips all three sides that have two artillery each can fire in that same direction at the same time. Enjoy.


If anyone is going to attack him plz make a video and post it here will be interesting to see how this base is tackled.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas on base defence - the video is great too! :grinning:

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