Need admin help. Lost portable constructor and all contents

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Had my portable constructor out filled with raw materials. Was using the flattening/filler capability of the T2 drill near where the constructor was. When I looked for the constructor, it was gone. I somehow must have destroyed it with the tool. I really hate to lose the hours I have put in collecting materials.:

Player(s) with issue: Just me

Server: NA

Time (cb:time):Friday, August 02, 2019, 22:19 or slightly prior to that. Somewhere between 21:00 and 22:19

Playfield: Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):Base (BA) no idea what the constructoir name or ID was.

Structure ID(s) Base ID is 25937925:

How can we help you now:Is there any way you can recover my constructor and the contents? Return it to the playfield where it was? If not that Just the contents would be fine. I really hate to lose all those materials. Spent a long time mining Neo, sath, pent, and prom.


I don’t think any logs are kept about portable constructors so i think that’s lost.

I think the reason your stuff was lost is because of terrain wipes:
Terrain wipes remove all placeables except bases/vessels of course. If you place a landclaim device nearby it’ll stop the terrain wipes from doing that, UNLESS you happen to be on Atlantis planet which ignores landclaim devices, which isn’t your case.

Is this Server time or your time? Because i’m pretty sure Freelancer HQ has terrain wipe friday by… 17:00 server time??

If you’re lucky maybe the admins will reset your fa:supply command, so you can get some stuff again.

By the way, please tell your ingame name here. Some people have different names on the forum, and ingame :wink:
Because of that “Me” isn’t enough,

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Hello @CRC27DOR and welcome back,

we can’t restore such placeable devices. No backups are made of them.
On friday a surface wipe happens which removes them.
Press M ingame and see bottom right (scroll down there).

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