Need an admin ASAP

I just got banned for accidentally ctrl+clicking in a backpack of a potential hacker that just tried to wipe out my fleet’s base.
Not sure what to do here.

More info would be nice. What hacker, what reason, what caused you to be banned? Did you pick something up? etc etc.

Also… what server?

Would you like to explain your inventory?

Ctrl+Clicking a backpack did that?

Yes sir, I was clicking around to see how the stacks were possible. And figured it out, to which I fully regret. I would never try to play illegitimately.
If you do not unban me, I understand, this looks super bad.

My curiosity got the better of me, trying to figure out how the stacks were that high.
If you do decide to un-ban me, I can guarantee nothing will happen like this again.

I do not know much more to say, to be perfectly honest.

PM me with the steps on everything that happened and exactly what you did and what happened when you did what step.

Of you have details on whos backpack, that will be good too.


The hacker in question went by the name of “irrumabo”.
This person spawned dozens of ships in the Xeno orbit, and had those items in his possession.

I am in the discord help area, Eliath of TBF is with me and can better explain what happened prior.

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pming you

Resolved via PM. Thank you!