Need back up on this official topic :)

Hey all,

I’m sure everyone already enjoyed at least once in PVP, the fact that your turrets shoot at what you spawn from factory due to private instead of faction choice by default.

I’m certain that many of us already shout in front of their computer “wtf i can’t spawn smth in my own base without my turrets shooting at it ?!?, damnit i forgot to shut down the base/CV or disable turrets :D, so logical…”

Hummel asked everyone to give their impression, pls help :smiley:

Thanks ^^

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Done. This is way to go.

Ty Elfias :smiley: i must say i had the exact same reaction as you : “why is he even asking for…”

But hey little by little we may obtain smth good in the end ^^

Lol yes what kinds of answer he suppose to get?

  1. Yes i like when i spawn something and my base kills it imediatly.
  2. No i think that my own structers shouldnt be fighting between themselfs.
    They realy should return back into reality if they want to suceed, does anyone knows what are those guys? As i have such feeling that its some party of ppl who was drinking on Friday night and then one of them told, guys i dont have any idea how but lets try to make a game. If thats so they are doing good, but if they are “professionals” than its realy wtf?!