Need help, bug in Faction standing & 3 ships lost

Hello Rex / Admin, greet you,
I have since a small concern if necessary BugReport. My CV, Loki’s Mamba can no longer be found. Neither via the registry, nor via HWS Connect. The ship I put off beside my base, a fight certainly did not take place, otherwise the base would be fired. No offense has been made by you. The ship has not violated the 20K block limit …
An ID I can give you, since I find it nowhere is probably difficult to deliver. Can dud as please check once? Until yesterday evening 01:00 clock was still there
Thank you Rex

As shown in Fig.
As it seems it is a bug in the fraction recognition to be. I have just climbed into a new ship and have put it (as usual) on faction U-P and the station (my own on private) opens the fire and shoots me naturally from + death
That was until yesterday not so since I have always done so, station on private - ships on faction … speak has now lost 3 ships
Hope you can help, because my resources thanks to OCD are limited to only 4 actually, and also limits a bug of course, because the station then also fired at friends / faction

translated with Google


sorry I need more infos. If its not safe here, then please write me a PM.
But I need to know the real name (I guess the name [Loki’s Mamba] got translated too? Because i cant find any ship like that), Playfield, which base, etc…

And you are Loki_McNeil ingame right?

I dont know if this is what happened in your case but one of my CVs auto-switched from faction to public. I’ve been keeping a closer eye on everything since - i’ve not noticed any further mishaps except for my designated home being deselected/unticked.