Need help on guardian planet NA

I joined GOG faction and can’t access my HV anymore, can admin come help me?

Details please

I am near the auxilo, it’s a tier 1 blueprint HV. The hv faction is ‘scrubs’’ The hv is next to an SV named Christian patrol.

Do I need to be online? I can log in at any time… is there a discord you use?

It’s Hover Vessel (HV) Near the ‘Christian Patrol’ SV, I don’t know what else to give you…
Here is the ID 7266737

Here is id 7266737

Please get north american admins guys XD it sucks waiting all day for help. 80 people in game, and not 1 admin.

Sorry but you have to change it to public before. As far as I can see it was set to public yesterday around that time. Now someone else owns it.

How is this possible? it was my factions HV, I changed my faction to GOG, and couldn’t access it… thanks for nothing, now it will sit there on guardian starter planet until wipe. The other guy in my faction left, no one else owns the HV, it is just sitting there not belonging to anyone.

Someone took it. Its owned by a private person.

I believe you now… the drills were gone, seems they took what they wanted and left it there.

Why don’t you put up a great server like theirs so its full of people and then you can help NA ppl all day?

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