Need help understanding Lucifer Taxes - Whole faction taxed?

So i’ve visited Lucifer a few times, made some good coin in the process, and spent some too.

I have read the guide and the rules and poured over the forums, and while everyone seems to talk about Lucifer taxes like its common knowlege, i see nothing that sets it apart specifically from homeworld planets (aside from it being taxed ON the planet itself)

Recently, my entire faction was taxed for my vacation on Lucifer - but the guide specifically says that Taxes are calculated individually, per person. Also, “The cost will be taken from your bank. If you don’t have enough it will be taken from your player-credits. If you can’t afford a faction structure, it will be taken from your faction members. Private structures will only be taken from your account.”

So by the guide, my faction shoudl not have to eat my taxes – unless theres something specific about Lucifer that punishes my entire faction for my endeavors – which honestly just hurts factioning…

Is this a bug, intended behavior? We can skip the “suck it up” replies - im honestly trying to just shed some searchable knowledge on Lucifer Taxes that others may use later as well to answer the same question. I dont mind paying taxes at all.


Morning Hops,

to clear it up:

  1. read the Slide 36 in the Guide. There you have all your information
  2. -> Taxes are in Homeworld (NOT the planets. I am very precise. If it were the planets there I would name them there. But it is Homeworld. And only the orbit is called Homeworld)
  3. -> there you can read on the right side the formula: Devices * 1000 / RP / Members. So if you have a structure parked on Lucifer and set it to faction it is for everyone taxed. ONLY if it is private it would just eat your credits, not from your mates
  4. If you were missleaded by the point “This formula is per player. Not the whole group or leader” then it means that you are the guy who are responsible for the taxes. Because at the beginning some people wanted that only the faction owner is responsible for taxes which doesn’t work
  5. regarding your stated sentence it is explaining the procedure of being taxed not how the initial process is dealt. Really all you know is the formula in itself

But if you know an easier way in presenting this topic I appreciate a simpler version (soon we have a video for that).

On the one hand we want to keep HWS simple more and more but on the other hand we think taxes are a good way in terms of a story and kind of “achievement”.


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Thanks a ton, Rexx!!! Sorry for the late reply!

From what i read then, bringing an ALL PRIVATE CV to Lucifer should not charge my faction taxes then right?

Yep, right.

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I suppose I should get some clarification then. @RexXxuS Please confirm the following calculation.

Faction Calculation

Faction with 108 cores, 14744 devices and 21 members would pay 39148.54917 per person per day?


or ((1172.112)+(1172.11232.4)) where 32.4 is the core multiplier (108.3).

Single Player Calculation

Player with 10 cores, 1200 devices and 50 rep would pay 96000 per day?


or ((24000)+(240003)) where 3 is the core multiplier (10.3).

Thanks in advance for your help @RexXxuS

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Don’t know. Missing the RP.



@RexXxus - This is great info and very helpful - THANK YOU!

Is there any way to model your taxes without actually going to the planet youwill get taxed on? i.e. it would be cool to select a planet from the HWS Connect Taxes page and see what your taxes would be. Convenient, but not game making.

599 RP was the reputation in the equation sorry I missed it in the explanation xD

@hopskotch the taxes are the same regardless of the planet you are on. This assumes the planet is taxed.

Ah, yeah, 599 RP. Correct then.


We went out for a run on Lucifer tonight. We dont mind the amount we had to pay, but according to the calculations above we would only be paying 123.784 gold per day or “1,000”. We were charged 21,693 each meaning a multiplier of 538 on our 7 ships. Please let us know how we are able to figure our the taxes we are going to be required to pay.

You are forgetting two things. There is a minimum cost per structure of 1k (which in my mind is a bit silly, if you are then splitting it up amongst faction, but whatever). Also there is an additional surcharge for multiple cores. The exact calculation is in a post about it, and may be in the guide as well, didnt see it there last time I checked. Point is, many small things gets very expensive, very quickly. For example 20 something destroyed and cored hover vessels (which the tool still counts as taxable, newsflash) wound up costing us 65k credits PER PERSON in one night. Over 1 million credits taxed for a destroyed and cored landing craft.

Yeah, @MrKrazyKoala - I was just looking for a quick and easy way to see your taes without doing the math. Easy enough, but would have been a nice to have. :slight_smile: