Need help, will pay 1,000,000 (in game) credits!

OK i have my faction base,

I want it to be on stilts so i can place in water like this…

It needs to be 10 blocks down/vertical from the base layer so i can achieve this

problem i am having is STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY

This is the best i got, yellow pad is always giving me dramas.

if it requires piller etc thats inside that is fine as long as it doesnt look rubbish

If someone could make this beauty SI green (apart from sign) i will be so grateful

it is currently 10,000 blocks and i would allow to go upto 15,000 max

will pay 1,000,000 in game credits (enough for level 10 blue crystals auto miner :wink:

Reply if interested will send you link to BP :slight_smile:

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Hey Ach, link it to me. I’ll give it a try, but no promises. You know you will have SI issues in any location other than space right?

you need pillars, put pillars all arround the no green/yellow and make them touch/enter in the ground. If it are already touching the ground, dig a while arround the pillar and add one or two more pillar blocks, always making them touch/enter the ground.

I did it for my pillar-bases and it work.

yeah yeah… not originally mine, but a worked a lot on it.

The trick is, you will build it on Creative with or without pillars, anyway make plan under it. In game, after spawn it you add the pillars needed until it touch the ground. I did this way.

I have tried by using pillars i can get most green but the yellow pad always red, in creative its ok bacause i can use god mode and go under, on server its not as easy…

Ill give it another final go

Thanks for info :slight_smile:

Pillars alone won’t work. You would need to extend the “bottom” of the base across the whole plane into the ground, but prior to completing this the pads would crumble. The only way I got it stable was placing half the structure underground, which I don’t think he wants. The only biom I didn’t try was lava…

Ach, I saw a space station with a similar design on the workshop a few months back…may be worth a shot sir.