Need help with moving a base

Hi, iv dug up a huge area and spawned 2 bases with 1 in front but even though it showed a big blue box it has spawned the front base over the other 2 and now everything is inside each-other xD

The BA code is 7703057, is it possible to move it a bit north so they aren’t inside each other, id be eternally grateful :smiley:

Edit: Nvm I’ll dismantle the thing.

Glad I’m not the boy one who screws up BA BP placement normally for me I’ll spawn the BP and it’s floating so need to fill ground round it, latest was auxilios landing pad not quite sure he will but manage to spawn it bout 15m under ground lol, oh the joys

It’s hard to place when its a big building :confused: difficult to judge depth. but how is spawning it underground even possible xD??

I could not spawn one underground yesterday not even with a cleared area. He probably bugged out.

Placing BA’s is horrible.

  • First you gotta go into creative to 100% make sure that you are facing the right side when placing it.
  • Then you place it and you pray that the SI is proper and that it doesn’t float in the air (or underground it seems).
  • Aligning one building with another is pure horror and modular building is only good for cheesing underground bases mostly. Doesn’t help.

Imagen when your placing it, that it shows a top view with a see through blue blueprint of it. Like a strategy game :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I didn’t think you could have placed it under ground and I suspect it just bugged out first and only times it’s happend, but that’s a good idea birds eye view but still would be hard to judge depth, would be cool if the could make it like placing a device with the sorta blue hologram would make placing it so much easier