Need Help With Ship/Base Please

Hey there,

We have a SV on Magrathea that was lost there a long time ago that we’re currently being taxed for. Before tax for public structures was implemented we solved the issue by quickly switching it to Private before getting teleported, but I was unable to retrieve the ship as it seems that the warnings to teleport you out are cumulative to a certain point even if you go in and out of the planet. The ID for the SV is 11767010.

There is also a base on Fenrir called “Ran Base” that I unfortunately don’t have the ID for. I advised Ranzeth to do a cb:reset and totally didn’t think about the existing structures. Is it at all possible to recover that structure to the faction TEA?

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This ship doesn’t belong to you anymore.

Please do next time. This will be soon very important and barely doable by us.
Done for now

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