Need some clarification on Freelancer RP Gain

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So, I reviewed the prior discussion from February and then looked at each Origin page… I see that Alliance gets RP for living in PVE and Lawless gets RP for living in PvP… so what’s the scoop with Freelancers? If I understand the previous thread correctly, their RP bonus is suppressed if they have any PvE structures… is this still the case? I can understand that a Freelancer won’t gain RP based on where they live, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to penalize them for choosing to live in one or the other.

I’m Alliance this time around, but interested in Freelancer… don’t know that I want to have all my RP gains suppressed if I choose to put down a base on a PvE planet. Unless the penalty applies only to bases and in both PVE and PVP; that would force people to live out of a CV and actually seems like it would fit the Freelancer story (e.g. doesn’t establish roots on either side, lives on the move).

Looking to @RexXxuS or @Jascha to clarify and then update the Freelancer Origin page to be a bit more explicit about how it actually works. Would like to know what the options are before next season.



This was actually a point we have in our TAW End of Season write up we are putting together.

We would like to see some RP gain if a Freelancer has a base in BOTH PVP and PVE. We feel like this is a solid way to reward a Freelancer as they must maintain both bases because they are explorers and travel a lot and would need multiple outposts and ressuply points. We think this fits in with the Origin story and brings Freelancer more in line with RP gain compared to the other Origins.

I would say make it 4-5 RP per day. Not as good if someone was Alliance or Lawless but still a good bump. As you can see the Freelancer needs some love. What we would like to see is the following.

5 RP For Fully Exploring the Map per day (warping to every system)
5 RP For living in both PvP and PvE

As for living out of a CV for RP gain, this would be a bad idea. How would Freelancer’s participate in combat. They wouldn’t be able to deploy towers. Shouldn’t take away 1 of 4 types of entities. Some might say well Freelancer wouldnt want to PvP but I’d counter with Malcolm Reynolds or Portia Lin would probably have something to say about you trying to take their cargo and they’d do the talking with a gun.

Currently(I’ve went in and removed the ones that are the same to make it easier to see like the need resource and epic each origin has)

3 RP Per Alliance Kill
5 RP Per Kill
25k credits per guilt kill

3 RP per Lawless kill
1 RP if visited ECC per day
1 RP for living exclusivly in Pve
1 RP for one warp per day
1 RP for HWS Marketplace trade bought by another Origin
+1 BP BA on Alliance playfield

5 RP for one warp per day
Highest # Unique PDA missions

Ingame / F1 / Knowledge base / HWS Story / Here you will find all the information your looking for :]

The guide is up to date. All your questions are answered there already.

Okay, I re-read the thread I mentioned in my original post; this is the part I don’t understand:

Here’s what the HWS site and the in-game text have to say (they’re identical):

I’m assuming that alien containers and guilty kills have nothing to do with this, so that leaves the 5 RP for warping and the 7RP for holding 300 pentaxid and the epic weapon. The statement from @RexXxuS suggests something like this: “warped AND 300 pent AND holding epic AND no PVE structures”… That’s a whole lot of conditions to string together and it sounds damn near impossible to get RP as a Freelancer. If that’s really the way it it’s implemented, it would be quite helpful to update the RP Gain statement to include that “no PVE” restriction… it’s not mentioned anywhere.

So, while we’ve opened this can of worms I’d also like to know why my faction’s structures influence my personal reputation gains. I was quite surprised when a new member joined my alliance faction; he had several structures in PvP space, so I suddenly stopped earning RP for living in PvE. Here’s the RP gain listing for Alliance:

Again, there’s nothing in there about what happens if someone else has a PvP structure. As a new player coming in, I figured that my gains were about my behavior. Now I’ve come to find that my faction can influence my personal rep gain. I don’t really agree with this, but that’s beside the point; if it’s documented correctly, then I can read the rules and make my choices.

The ask here is for clarification: the documents should match the implementation. I’m happy to help out with updating the documents if that’s necessary.

You are referencing a thread that contains outdated info.

I linked you to the guide in my last post which contains the correct up to date info. All your questions are covered there already.

As you can see from reading the guide, there is no more PVP or PVE restrictions for freelancer.

If someone is in your faction, and their structures are set to faction, then those count as your structures too. So yes this would affect Alliance RP gains for PVE living. Either have them set to private if the playfield and limits allows, or be in different factions.

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@TwitchyJ I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to answer on this thread, but I’m really looking to hear from an admin or a moderator. I believe that your answers are true, but they’re not authoritative.

Thanks @Dreadstar for the suggestion. I will see if I can integrate it in HWS 8.

@Lizann the others are right. Freelancer are at the moment completely independent from the location of their bases - PvP or PvE. The guide you see is correct.

Because we had already some guys crawling the forum post in history instead of checking out the guide I’ve learnt from it and won’t post such hard facts in announcements anymore.

Hm yeah, have to make that more clear I see. It’s the common rule that a faction structure is sharing all the other attributes too like shared taxes and RP gain.

Thanks for that point. Will update the guide now.