Neko's big adventure

ok so before telling the tail of my adventure
before going out to explore set a base as your home >_>

so it all started around 2am or so … could not sleep and thought to myself ill play empyrion and mine for some gold
30 mins later got a nice load but its taking to long started to think about that red spot on golden globe thought ill try and see what that is all about and get some gold faster

this is my first time going to that area and saw some bases needles to to say sight seeing was a bad idea
so lost my cv hv and need a ride off the planet
cut to many hours later i finally get the ride off but a glitch happened and i get tossed out the ship near home world
after many deaths crashing long load times i YOLO it down to home world

meet some spiders we have a fun time knocking heads and a nice guy comes along to gives me a left to ecc

well thats my adventure some people in the chat thought what was going on was funny so thought ill share it here as well


Mcprouty and I made sure he got back safe and sound. Cheers; be careful in pvp areas


Twitch Stream
My stream from about then. Picked him up at homeworld, spinning in circles mining rocks at about 1.5 hours in. lol

granted i was running on no sleep … but i had alot of fun and it made some people in the chat laugh