Neptune - request for IMT


Following a discussion between various factions on Neptune, they can name themselves in the comments if they like, we’d like to ask that you maybe consider downsizing your on planet build. We get that you’re a large faction but the building you’re doing is causing some severe on planet Lag and now preventing any new or existing traders from Building (see server messages). A positive response and action taken would be very much appreciated by all on Neptune.

Thanks for taking the time

Best Regards,
The Neptune Massive

Blackadders hereby name themselves =) I hope you can agree that you have alot of “unnecessary” blocks.

Yep, FrogSwarm agree, your base is cool but its kinda overboard now :stuck_out_tongue:
from, our side, we gonna move some CVs from our base to make the area less laggy :slight_smile:

We, Frog, removed some of our structures and CVs, but the red spam is still happening, i hope IMT will see this thread :confused:

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I hope everyone knows this IF you are not in-game… it does NO good to send request’s to other factions…

As one of the larger faction owners, if i see a request from a trader i will accept it. but I only see them if they are sent while i am online… if i log off or out do to the in game bugs… i will never see that request… so be carefull and warned if you are headed to Neptune. if your not allied it is deadly if your not allied, and if you shoot one of us that is in this ally group… woes is on you… we will most likely remove your turrets or your base from the surface.
we have to many here that rely on each other to make this PVP planet somewhat a home and semi safe place to have a place to call home.

… and this is relevant how?

there is no aggressivity here, we are all asking peacefully if IMT can remove some of the buildings, as we did ourselves to make the lives of all the “Neptunians” better and the whole server.


Agreed Kam7r. Im not sure what faction Arlongkpr is, but he’s not listed as IMT and his point isnt really relevant to this post.

Anyway, to reiterate, this is a peaceful request so that Neptune can remain a safe place for us all to live and build fairly.

Incidently, I totally lagged out today entering the planet above IMT’s bases. My ship carried on without me and it was a total pain to get back to it.

Hello to all Trader and Raider on Neptune,

im StackOverFlow from the glory Imperial Trader faction - All hail to the Emperor - HWS dont has yet :stuck_out_tongue:

So first of all: we can totally understand all of u mates.


Me and my colleagues cannot see a purpose or reason to remove anything for nothing. We dont brake any rule or bring u guys a disadvantage cause u dont needs to fly over IMT area.

IF we remove a core it will be replaced by another faction/trader so u win nothing - it would be just more fair.

IF we remove blocks from our base only u had a benefit of attacking us if we not be allied anymore.


If u b ok with payin a standing small tribute we can agree to remove blocks from our bases to a minimum means only weapons and a minimal setup

Also if u pay a huge tribute only once we agree to remove 1 core.


IMT is not a mafia kind of company and DONT WANT TO KEEP U TINY.
The reason for the tribute is just that we spend a lot of time for loot, farm, concept and develop to build that bases and we dont brake any server rule.
We all b Traders and u know nothing is for free.


Be assured we DONT WANT UR GOLD MONEY OR CREDITS OR IRON. Cause if u dont have money u cannot buy our iron :slight_smile:

What we want to remove blocks from our bases is a STANDING prometium, neodynium, kobald, silicium and magnesium tribute. Only ARROUND A HALF STACK per mat type for each faction all two Weeks.

We provide all of u a pincode to enter the Iron Bank where u can find a box only to ur company so u can bring us the tribute.

This Offer only counts if more than 4 companies / factions support ur request and agree to the tribute.


If u want that we remove a core u need to pay a huge amount of mats we dont calculate yet.


Everything stays like it is


May the best faction win

let us know how u decide.

cheers Mates

I am all about peaceful resolutions, but when someone just builds to satisfy their own urges, then extorts his origin mates to try and get a little respectful moderation, maybe the talks need to be escalated a little with some more combat steel and explosions. You forget, I think, that no matter how fancy you build, it can always be destroyed. Alliances and respect stands stronger in the server than any base. Atleast amongst traders.


This is a funny thread. Can’t wait to see how it ends. :slight_smile:

Well, we took option 4.


i’ll say more, option 4 was chosen


I’d like to share here some of the nice things we found on the IMT base:

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LOL i think the solution is simple :smiley: ally up and wipe out their fancy base and you will all be a lot wealthier… :smiley:

I think that’s pretty much what Happened. Lol

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So how’s the lag now?

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From a polite and respectful request for a little fair play for all on Neptune, to a conceited and belittling attempt to extort fellow origin mates and allies, to a damn fine and well deserved arse kicking.

Absolute respect to all who took part in the first raid and above all to FST who are nothing short of awesome, well played The Frogs.

@hopskotch - the warnings to stop building seem to have miraculously stopped, though theres still some considerable dismantling to be done. Happy Days …