New $1200 Goal reached | Elemental Credits Warp | 6 new HWS Patreon Goals!

Hi HWS Community,

I just value the awesome help from @Hayawen , supporting me with HWS Connect and with that, giving our HWS Patrons even more convenience features :blush:

In this Patreon Post I present you a new big convenience feature to transfer your EB Credits from one Server to another without doing CSW!

As well as showing more Goals for the future - if we can reach those :bow:
For example a reworked HWS Connect Marketplace - say goodbye to ti:sell commands! Sell your backpack items out of HWS Connect on instant!

Or the HWS Orbital Factory or HWS Connect Daily / Weekly / Seasonal Quests!
In any case: I thank everyone of you, who pledge even $1 per month!!

But not only Patrons will benefit from the progress we make there - basically everyone!

Your HWS Team