New Admins for HWS

Hey all,

the last couple of days were really hard for me since Jascha was on a business trip and Candy helped all he could on EU.
But NA was empty basically. So after a long search we have a new NA Full Admin again! :slight_smile:

Welcome Errowid!

He helped already a lot on the server and is someone we trust.

For EU and NA we also have an ingame-admin you all know. Either because of CSW, or this awesome Spacemap he made or general help.

Welcome Achilles

It is the same trust we share with him as we share with MIT / TVH. Dedicated support / help and nothing more. In that role they can’t play the game normally. They don’t fight, they don’t play as you do.
That is my overall Admin condition for HWS.

Welcome KptnKurt

The EU is very rich of dedicated supporter factions. Combined with trust and the only purpose to help people we allow this system on HWS. America was a bit rambo style regarding this till now.
KptKurt already helped a lot of people and build LCD+Lock stuff on Earth. Now he can help even more people.

So all of you!


Thank you for the Introduction, RexXxus!
Happy to help if I can :slight_smile:


Thanks Errowid. Good to see we have some " fresh meat". I mean Admin on NA. We will try and take it easy on you :slight_smile:

Thanks Rexxus !!

I look forward to better serving the NA community and am now busy getting up to speed on this new role.

I’ll reach out to my EU counterparts and hopefully get some tips / advice from folks who have been providing help to their player community for some time now.

See you all in game o/


Awesome, Hopefully we should start seeing the support thread slow down :joy:

See you on EU/NA server soon guys :slight_smile:

Thanks RexXxus for the introduction!

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Guess i wont be seeing much of achilles with his open cockpit sv designs no more then :wink:

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Thranir !!

Long time - no see.

Hope you are doing well.

Did you finish your Borg Cube ? :slight_smile:

Indeed! Yes i did finnish it! :smiley: and much more after that, got my own armada now ^^ are you on NA these days?

I am on NA (as of 2 wipes ago) - lower ping. More players during evening.

Community started off small …and now reaches 100+ at peak hours.

That’s a LOT of pew-pew !! :smiley:

Sad! i wish we could have on big server instead, so much good people on NA and Eu are left with thrash carebears :frowning:

Not sure what would happen if there were 200 people all on the same server at once.

Maybe after Empyrion moves into Beta and closer toward release - it will be optimized to run on powerful servers with LARGE player populations.

For now, they are using duct tape to preserve server stability.

The Devs and the Owners / Admins have done a great job thus far.

They have a LOT on their plate.


Comedy would happen.

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