New Chatbot Comands

Hey there,

a few new chatbot comands are activated:

See upcoming wipes. It shows you exactly how many days/hours/minutes up to the next wipes

See upcoming restarts/backups. It shows you exactly how many days/hours/minutes up to the next restart

Shows you all your numbers you ylready entered for this weeks lottery.


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@Jascha rly, we all speaks and discuss about current unbalanced chat-commands, and u just did some new… When we could expect for some changes in current commands???

P.S.: I talk about OCD in PvP-playfields.

OCD has been balanced now. It’s just the Eleon marketplace now that is causing the imbalance. Can only wait for devs to balance that.

I did them next to all the balances. The balances with OCD in PVP will be activated in 5.0.

I didnt see News, where u disable OCD:PUT command on PvP-playfields. Or I miss something?

The balance for OCD and Factions will come with 5.0. Also OCD and PVP will be balanced in 5.0

dismissing dat command now - so hard mission?..

P.S.: New patch could go next week, or next year… great.

Oh but I was pretty sure that there is a cooldown on the OCD:put now. I tried to use it on Catogar and it refused the 2nd time. That is the balance right? It’s just the Eleon Marketplace that is the problem now. Or what do I miss?

New patch is ‘expected’ this month.

Who care about cooldown, when u hide ALL for one command?.. This must be SAVER, not cheat bag.

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You repeat yourself. :expressionless:
Big changes are coming. Closed

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OCD is now turned of on PVP


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