New Event for EU server - Base takeout - Sign up now

Now its time for you and your friend to show off your fighting skills.

Object - Change core in Cv before 1 hour has gone. Its called MAD GAME BASE. (IT WILL NOT MOVE DURING FIGHTS but its a cv so we can move it from fight to fight and keeping it hidden.)

Cost to play: 100k credits. (Will go to buying bullets for defence)

Price to winning team is
Pick one of these choices
1:donator package to 1 player.
2:Recharge of donator package.
3:1 million credits.


NO CV allowed within 10k. Park CV elsewhere.
Maximum 4 players in attacking force.
Maximum of 2 players in defending force.
Defenders will not use SV to defend. But there will be SV´s parked there to transport them out.
Defenders will also use hand weapons to defend themself and base.
Defenders will record the fight and if we see a CV the fight will be closed down and stopped.

If the fight goes on after 1 hour defenders will inform attackers that the time is up. PLEASE stop fighting then.
We will repair station and let the next other team go in another spot. Base will be moved every time.

The more teams that try the more the station will take damage and it will be easier and easier.

Core is under heavy guard so you need to get inside base to be able to take it out in time.
Attackers can use whatever ship they have in there arsenal as long as it is a SV and not CV.

We will inform attackers of coordinates 1 hour before fight with PM on forum… (normaly 25-30k out in space)
(This will give you plenty of time to get there and park CV 10k away from fighting scene.)
(Defending base will be offline until fight time.)

We will use server time so if we say 19:00 it means 1900 SERVER time.
If you attack before that game will stop and you will have forfeited you place in the competition.

How do you apply ?
1: Sign in on forum and tell us that you want to play under this post.
We want to know what faction you are from and how many players are attacking. Name of players is also needed.

I will tonight add the time slot for this and first come gets first pick. We will try and make it 4-5 fights / weekend.

People that are not in the fight please try and keep out.

We will be using Discord during fights and a channel will be crafted for this event.

Please sign up and lets fight.

Slots opern for Saturday is

13:00 . None
15:00 None



Small Info About the base.

About 10k blocks in total.
322 devices.


I’m in, Only me though, any other single players fancy teaming up for this one, 4 of us should stand a chance. If its 100k per team ill cover the cost! Reward split evenly if we win :smiley:

In game name ‘Achilles’

IM ok with that. Tell me when you have 4 players and we can setup a time for it.

First attacking force will go for free just to test this.

I’ve asked ppl on chat. It shouldn’t be this hard to have some scheduled fun. Offering to pay the cost so all they will lose is ships… Very replaceable but still no ones replied to me :frowning:

Well the base will stand until someone takes it down… the longer time i get the bigger it will be.