New Falling Animations!

The next time you run and jump over a ledge in Empyrion, it will still hurt on impact ...
but your sprinting and falling will look so much better! :NewSunglasses: #indiegame #indiedevs


Community Manager

Eleon Game Studios​

another highly important update…


A 3dt person animation for a game that NO ONE plays in 3dt person.


We’re all over again in water ripples territory here.

No, no, no. You’re missing the point.
This is so you can see the falling animation of other players in multiplayer.
Then they can label this as a “long sought after multiplayer update”.
Don’t worry though. The animation will be out of sync with the actual player, in true MP tradition.

All kidding aside you are correct. They are spending time on 3rd person animations knowing full well the majority of the player base hates 3rd person due to how janky it has always been.

Let’s not fix 3rd person first, no no no.
Let’s make it look prettier first…