New Forum feature: Dark theme

Hey @everyone

taken into account how much I wanted this feature and how long it took I have to say sorry. There are so many cool stuff regarding HWS. So many stuff I can learn along this project that every day is a new day. Sure some days are not so cool like drama days but luckily not too often.

Anyways you can now switch between a Light and a Dark theme :slight_smile: (personally I love dark themes)

At the top right corner you can choose by clicking on the buttons. Some things to know:

  1. it is done via the HTML5 local storage API. So make sure you have a up to date browser (chrome!?!). So if you clicked on “Dark” and do a browser refresh, close the tab and come back later, etc. your dicision is saved (as long as you don’t clear your local storage)

  2. If you see bad contrasts like dark text color on the dark background color let me know

  3. I am currently working on the mobile support

So yeah… maybe someone else is enjoying it too :wink:



I noticed it earlier, already using it. Much better for the eyes and doesn’t lit up the entire room :slight_smile: .


Great work on the dark theme Rex, I’ll be using that from now on lol.

oh my poor tired eyes, much better.

Oh but this reply box is still light themed :stuck_out_tongue:

once that’s sorted it will be perfection :wink:

Done :wink:

Sweetness, love it, much better on the eyes :slight_smile: thanks Rex

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@RexXxuS something go wrong…

thanks… sadly I can’t reproduce it anymore. Looks good for me:

As soon as you see this again, let me know please. I fix it then

hm… I try to repeat it after CCleaner, mb its gone…

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

Dark theme now also on smartphones.
Some contrast can be sloppy. Let me know then.


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I fixed a bug that sometime the banner redirect not worked and links not clickable from time to time.
Also I made a desktop and a mobile version and simplified it a bit.

Desktop version now (it’s always sticky on the right now)

Mobile version now

Just for your information and one todo checked for me x)