NEW HWS Connect 3.0 | Revolution how to play Empyrion

Hey @everyone,

with a little delay it’s my birthday present to all of you:

HWS Connect 3.0

After long hard months of work it’s finally “done”. A long milestone I wanted for so long… but without the help of @Jascha not possible at all! And also all the cool new slider images you see are provided by @DeeExpus. Thank you so much guys!

What is new?

First things first:

Clear your browser cache! CTRL + SHIFT + R … CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. Make really sure you clear it carefully on all devices. Make sure to clear your Steam Webbrowser Cache as well if you use it!

Because you will see a brand new design and features which are otherwise in conflict with old caches.

Please discover a lot of new stuff yourself but the non plus ultra highlight is

HWS Skill Tree

That is a very new and 100% unique feature I can promise :slight_smile:

This is a new level of playing Empyrion and on HWS with a new level of depth and fun.

Please make sure to read all the details here:

As you can see / read, more is coming… really more :slight_smile:

HWS Daily Loot + Skill Points

A lot of people requested a change of the Daily Loot system to not relative +24 hours but on a fixed date per day.

It is now every day at 3 PM

And as you have read above your Daily loot contains also a Skill Point now.

So make sure to collect as many Skill Points per season as possible. It will be the ultimative new currency for everyone! (check out the Origin Skill Tab to see why…)

Elemental Lottery

You see now better the current Jackpot and with one button click you can buy a Lottery ticket!

NPC Trader Delivery System

Also new with this 3.0 release are the NPC Trader and the Delivery System. 2 button clicks and you can get the NPC Trader package everywhere. The NPC Trader conditions have changed because of that but it’s a very unique and cool experience nevertheless.

Set Bounty over web

No fun typing commands? Yes, more and more will be replaced by buttons. No typing and hazzle with the chat in Empyrion anymore. Button click, done ingame.

So make sure to check it out there and in the Player PDA.

A loot more under the hood and I hope you all enjoying it!
Some button integrations are missing like buying Garage ships straight out of Connect or handling your OCD and OAM better with Connect.
It’s coming… the Skill Tree just cost me a lot, a lot of time, trust me…

Alright, I hope everything works… again, make sure to revalidate your cache!!

Otherwise… have fun guys and stay tuned for even more… there is no end :wink:

Your HWS Team


Is this live now? I opened a fresh browser and did not see it.

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1k hp, nice dude!

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Happy birthday Rex

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What, what? Is that serious or joke? Happy birthday in any case :smiley:

Skill tree thats mindblowing, is there any end? Is it still Empyrion? Is it me whos typing this message?

Rexxx, Jascha and Dee amazing job!


This is a truly brilliant addition to the game, Rex! :star::star::star::star::star:

What I’m more and more thinking is that HWS already is, what Empyrion should be…
Empyrion is a great single player game, and a good and entertaining but not great multiplayer game when it comes to competitive PvP gameplay (coop already is great).
On HWS this is different. Playing multiplayer is fun here and it makes me thinking that Empyrion in general had the potential to become an MMO on a really massive scale… In my opinion two things would be needed: Your ideas to add more depth and long-term motivation and a massive performance tweak to the game in general to reduce lags and make the PvP aspect of the game much more competitive. The latter seems to be very much up to Eleon themselves, although HWS is brilliant in compensating many flaws of the main game (just think about the PvP meta, OCD, OAM and all the other great inventions, which make competitive gameplay directly or indirectly more viable). :heart:


Cool update !

Why you showing my cash pockets, to all players ? :slight_smile: