New HWS Connect Feature

Hey guys,

some of you maybe noticed my WIP already but I think I am ready now.

It looks small but is in truth the big foundation for the big HWS Connect 2.0 update. Your option to play the game via the website. It is especially important for our HWS Marketplace if we deactivate the Eleon Marketplace.

So here it is - your first version of your profile interaction in HWS Connect:


Profile Settings

Instead of clicking the Player Card in the HWS Connect Dashboard you can kind of have a Hotview all the time there to see important stuff about your player (of course also on your smartphone). It gets saved and synced through all devices so your hotview is always saved.
Soon you can do a bit more over the Profile page.

I hope you like it (took me 2 weeks to build Kappa) and stay tuned for more :slight_smile:



That is awesome! Way to streamline features, really. It’s the little things that sometimes matter a lot and I see this as an improvement to an already excellent server exclusive feature. Way to go and show me more!


Sweet! Something else that would be nice to see on the fly is the AM fuel…

Since we will deactivate our Auto Miner for now because of the Eleon Auto Miner I removed it for now.

Good job! Oh and something other, i was surprised that i get the medal “Regular (Stammgast)” in the forum - right after the admins… Didnt know that i was that active here :smiley:

Very nice feature :smiley: can you add for HWS connect 2.0 maybe the number of reputation point near “Role” or add another check box, to keep track of them pls :smiley:

Done :slight_smile:

For that a reset was needed. Please set your preferred Hotviews again.

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Wow fast :smile: many thanks !