New HWS Feature: the Survival Boost

Dear HWS Community

after some tests, our new HWS Feature is live on all servers now:
the Survival Boost:

For the HWS EU + NA Server:

Every hour you play on HWS, you get ingame 100 Health, 20 Stamina and 50 Food for your player character on top of your current stats (so on top of your base = 500 and HWS Connect Skill Tree stats).
Up to a max. of 10 000 Health, 2000 Stamina and 5000 Food.

For the HWS RE Server:

Every hour you play on HWS, you get ingame 10 Health, 2 Stamina and 5 Food for your player character on top of your current stats (so on top of your base = 500 and HWS Connect Skill Tree stats).
Up to a max. of 1000 Health, 200 Stamina and 500 Food.

BUT as soon as you die, you lose your Survival Boost.

We want to reward your play hours on HWS but also motivate you to make the best out of your Survival skills and don’t accept death so easily. :smirk_cat:

You can always check your current situation in HWS Connect under Player Info (it updates almost every second)

We hope you like this little Survival incentive and wish you a safe journey out there.

Your HWS Team


Cool, but a little Question in which Periods is this Feature available?

You mean that? Or what do you mean with Periods?

I’m getting 10,000 HP today. Tomorrow I will die and fall back to 800 HP. When will the Survival BOOST be available again? On admin birthday or every month or every year?
Or can I buy the Survival Boost everywhere?

Just read what I wrote above… every hour you are online and playing on HWS.
It’s a passive thing that runs in the background non stop.

I have one question about this.
I noticed you start with 10000 health if you’re already have a lot of hours on HWS, but what if you have died, and then there’s a full server wipe? Are deaths reset?

Just wondering about the XP to acquire the medical injector and the Pentaxid Seed Crystal? I was steadily working towards those unlocks and now something has changed…

Was curious why my HP was half full, then noticed 20,000HP. Dammit now I have to sit 5 minutes and fill my HP meter…


A full wipe resets everything.

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Welcome to HWS @Venombites
I don’t see how this is related to this announcement about our new HWS Feature but you probably find the answers along your UCH Journey and the Data Pads.

I’m not sure either, when I logged on this morning I was unable to pick an option in the HWS connect Skill tree after receiving my daily loot… Its just all gone. :frowning: I thought that it might have something to do with the new update…

Im able to pick my stat increases from the connect skill tree again. perhaps it was just bugging out… sorry, i apologize Rexxxus

Hey @everyone
a quick addition / info about the new HWS Feature Survival Boost from yesterday.
I read all the feedback, thanks for that.

Two things have changed from the original implementation:

  1. Hayawen was so kind to add Server based configs for it. On HWS RE, it is now adjusted from max. 10k to 1k Health for example.
  2. There was actually a little issue yesterday, that the feature got activated right away, giving you the max. stats, because it considered real time and not your actual play hours.
    I think those 2 issues were the main complains I got from few.

The overall feedback was very positive I received and we keep observing things to do what we always tried: make everyone happy - or well, the majority at least.
Have fun


Okay, now I’m confused. I’m back to the values I had before the Survival Boost. My HWS Playtime is 1596. That’s what you’re counting, correct? Currently, I’m only seeing skill tree values. Time is 15 March 2021, 07:03. Tell me you’re not actually suggesting we stay online for 1000 hours.

Read the second point in the message above yours :wink:

Explain it to me please because that does not make sense to me Dr. Dark

don´t understand this Feature. All away today, Tons of Food are wasted, because my Stats are 1050 now. Yesterday 10.000 ??? Now i play over an hour and nothings happens? No Idea what this Feature is???

It means this feature wasn’t supposed to be activated instantly. It isn’t your total play hours, but play hours since this feature activated now.

Got it. Thanks, Doc.

Seems pretty simple from where i’m sat.

When you log in to HWS server and play you gain a bonus each hour to health, stamina and food which is automatically applied upto a max of 10 000 Health , 2000 Stamina and 5000 Food .

when you die you will be reset to your normal stats (which include any skills tree perks you have unlocked that effect these stats)

then the process begins again.