New HWS RE NA server. Spawn your BPs

Dear HWS Community @everyone
We can’t wait that much longer and especially hope for a wonder, so we took it in our hands and bought a new RE NA server.
The new server should solve the recent performance issues and we are future ready for 170 players on HWS RE NA.
However there are 2, no 3 takeaways with it:

  1. This is a 6 month engagement, so we can hopefully get a better deal at Black Friday and hop servers again.

  2. Since it’s a new hardware/ip all of your “Ready to spawn” blueprints are stored on the old hardware and linked to your local computer.
    :warning: Thus you have to spawn ALL of your ready to spawn blueprints NOW/BEFORE we do the migration to the new server! We had this couple of times in the past and it’s super important because any “I lost my blueprints” ticket will be directly closed, with the reference to this announcement here. We have absolutely no way to get them back.
    So spa(w)m your blueprints into the universe, into the savegame, now, which we will migrate over.
    This is the only task for you really - other than that you will experience no difference, except a smoother gaming experience.

  3. Before we spent $241,14 per month for the RE NA server, now it is $574,41 per month. I hope you can understand that we will increase the prices for the support packages slightly. I do it together with a migration discount sale, once we are ready with everything.

ETA for the migration: not sure yet. Still waiting for the server, then have to buy a Windows Server licence key and go through a very long list of migration processes. Giving you also time to spawn your blueprints.
So let’s say roughly Friday 18:00 for now.
Again, thanks for all your patience and support! In the end expanding is always a good sign <:hwsstar:535932728886034439>

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Thanks for the heads up and great to see a new server being introduced :). A quick question. If i have a lot of resources in the factory - will i lose these also if i dont use them to spawn in a ship before server switchover?

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if all goes as planned, resources should be safe.

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