New HWS Support Us system | HWS Ingots | HWS Connect v4 | HWS Patreon

Hi HWS Community

I’m very proud to show you our new work of let’s say one year in total.

HWS Ingots | HWS Connect v4

It has a deep meaning in a lot of things we are doing but also your gameplay. To get rid of any pay to win claim and giving you just even more reason to play on HWS for a long time, you can now buy everything just with your ingame progress (Reputation Points).

To explain the whole thing in detail I spent 4 hours for a 6 minute video because the worst I’m able to do is making videos. I’m very sorry for the poor quality but I wanted to make it somehow personal myself and some maybe never heard me :hear_no_evil:

To be able to see the new HWS Connect v4 changes you HAVE to clear your browser cache!
Press SHIFT + CTRL + DEL and clear all of your cache + cookies of HWS
Afterwards press few times CTRL + SHIFT + R in HWS Connect to trigger the redownload.

HWS Connect v4

In general the new HWS Connect version not only covers the new Support Us system or the hidden features you can read below regarding Patron.
It also covers a lot of improvements over the old version. For example:

  • a new header, giving you always a better indication on what server you are
  • a better sidebar
  • less white space so you can see more data
  • better HWS Marketplace search
  • backend improvements for speed and stability
  • full HWS Connect changelog

HWS Marketplace search before and after

HWS Patreon

As I announced a long time ago we plan to try out Patreon. Giving you not only convenient options to create monthly subscriptions but also more HWS Connect features as a “reward”. This is at least my current idea.

Become a Patron here

As I wrote there it really is just the beginning and it all depends on your feedback.
We try to improve it along the way for sure!

Example: Work in Progress of OCD Filter

In any way, we hope you like what we are doing, we still have a lot on our todo list for you and thank you in advance for any support you can give us!

Most importantly though: have fun and enjoy your stay on HWS! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team

Rexx if i clear my catch will the blueprints i have setup in hws be wiped as well?

Hello @Israel_T-C, no way. It’s just a representation. HWS Connect does not touch your local / server stored stuff in that way.

Just clear your BROWSER cache.
Not the Game cache :wink:

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I’m not sure what you guys are saying. So i’ll just make a screenshot and you guys tell me if its correct or not.

So you want me to delete the contents on this page correct? Otherwise i have no idea what you guys are talking about.

no no no, nothing about the ingame, just your INTERNET BROWSERS Cache

Search in google:

Important is the cache from HWS (if you can select which to delete)

Yes it looks like miscommunication. Next time it would be prudent to take a screenshot of where to go to clear online catches, and from that specific webpage incase some don’t know what your referring to. Also better exact wording would help, for example, instead of just saying clear your catch or clear your browser it would be more logically understood if its said clear your internet browser. Just a tip for next time so you don’t get what may seem like dumb questions from people like me.

My internet browser seems to have cleared all by itself and now hws connect works.

Looking good rexx and jascha. I like it. A suggestion: It would be nice if the conversion from reputation to HWS Ingots could be done through hws connect as well.

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The easiest solution is to press CTRL+F5, works with most browsers

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It’s on the list! :slight_smile:

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@RexXxus the Cat video was awesome! More cat videos!



At the patrons : "- Buy / Sell items straight out from your OCD "
How working exactly?

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As I mentioned elsewhere, those who use p2w in same sentence as hws are only using it for its negative connotation, and reaction factor.

You will never stop hearing some use it – similar in use to those who cast about the word ‘racist’ in the usa. It is a perjorative — not meant to help, only meant to harm.

Anyone who attempts to accomplish anything of value (let alone those leading the way as you are Rex) will have critics.

There is no need or value to focus on making it go away. It will always exist – sadly. Ignore it and keep doing what you do best.

That’s not to say I"m in any way disagreeing with these changes — love them.

Just want to encourage to not waste time on the useless barbs disgruntled and jeolous critics throw your way.

It’s likely many of them can only dream of accomplishing what you are.

Too many of those who can’t do — will always resort to attempting to tear down those who can do.


All of us, as players can hope is that donation (especially the patreon feature) is going to be used a LOT.
HWS is like a fulltime development job, so how should we get all our features if the person doing it can not afford to eat his daily STEAK ?:slight_smile:

If HWS is going to continue it’s success story it will need a reliable source of income to pay for the servers, administration and development invested.
Right now it’s clearly not enough, the patreon feature was the right idea imho.

If you look at a multi-year project like HWS you need to have a reliable income.
In the end 95% of all features are free, the universe, CONNECT, OCD, missions, etc … It’s all free for all but the hours required to create and manage those things need to be paid.

So best luck on that.

Right now I feel Patreon needs more value put into it, so people are compelled to take it to make their life easier. My suggestion is to put global PVE OCD sell/buy into it, that would probably convince a large part of the players to get a subscription and it would not be P2W in any way.


Another idea that’s very basic and simple:
You have a 10 second delay for many CB commands.
Stagger it: Pro: 5 seconds, Higher than pro 2 or 3 seconds

That’s just a small change but another typical convenience change.
Anyone anoyed by 10 second delay: it’s just 1€per month :wink:

It’s in testing phase. Once released we will explain everything in detail.

Oh god please this, just this xD