New idea: Allow Guardians and Pirates to visit each other's planet

So that means:
Pirates can fly to Uranus
Guardians can fly to Pluto
Maybe even:
Hunters can fly to both?

  • but Guardians and Pirates can’t fly to Saturn?

Those starter planets are very active and I’d love to fly to Pluto and kick some pirate ass instead of having to kill my own faction on Uranus.

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More likely your planet would be overrun and decimated and your game life would suck miserably.

They already visit Uranus, and destroy your stuff. :). Return the favor, passport gives you 30 minutes.


Guardians going to Pluto to hit pirates? That’s something WKN might be down with assisting with on a temp ally basis in the future depending on the target. As long as the guardians don’t jerk my chain and blindside us like CND did when they broke ally with us and brought the CV’s down on Armageddon to hit us mid fight.

You are surprised that a guardian faction broke alliance with you while you were attacking guardians and traders? Or are you saying its really bad to have cv’s on arma in combat. Because if so I have some screenshots and videos I would just loooove to share.


Not at all. PKA is known server wide as bad cops. They were the target. For CND to do what they did was low and under handed but it’s water and there’s a bridge someplace. What ever drama you have going on of late I’m not sure but you seem stressed. Arma is a battle world. You camp there you get hit, origins be damned. Like the black hole. Guardian v guardian, etc… It is all fair there as that is the point. If you try and tie the role play there too hard I think you may get your feelings hurt as I’ve seen UMC and PKA both sniping you of late.

I have no hate for Matt the man and really only a mild rivalry with McProuty the Rogue Trader. We may even work together at some point to poke @hopscotch as the world hates a pacifist. :slight_smile:

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HA! [quote=“Obsey, post:5, topic:4953”]

At least tag me right. @hopskotch

I’m a ‘pacifist’ with a base loaded with turrets scrapping ships destroyed by boys n their toys. Works for me. :slight_smile:

but i think “picking on the pacifist” is what gets you guys your naughty nicknames. :wink: Ya darn bullies.

PS: Being indifferent to other’s complaints isnt pacifism, its IDGAFism. :smile:

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You know I’d never attack you man.

Not at least while you’re at that death yard of yours! Most dangerous base on server I’m aware of.

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Now you’re going and making that bully nickname all flowery. (Thats how you keep em guessing! LOL)

I make one hell of a POI eh? hahaha Maybe that will be an event some day. Some day. :wink:

BTW - I’m making an SV special for me to go out like a fat pinata and see if i can rate at all in eitehr killing or dying. So far im pretty good at dying. LOL. We’ll see how it goes.


Name guardian factions that believe PKA are bad cops in na(I can only speak for the group I know, no offense EU pka)? Only one I can think backing that statement is GPF due to a bored ranzeth.

If you Truly believe that, then I would encourage you to speak to their leader. I’ve offered to introduce Dr.Flux to smally countless times. Either way, Obsey we should chat sometime on discord if you believe that.

  • BYA Till Eulenspiegel

Hm, okay… So the past 5 posts have been about a rivalry.

What do u guys think about the idea itself? Is this something u want or do u agree with Hopskotch?

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Hey buddy - im not rivaling your suggestion – Just giving you a glimpse into the likely outcome… one can both agree that your idea is good and also acknowledge that you will be repeatedly pillaged by pirates henceforth. They are not mutually exclusive.

A better idea might be some planets where one origin can place bases, but the other can go to on weekends, or something like that. Create more of a rivalry between origins, rather than a group of people just blasting indiscriminately.