New Identification System

The difficulty in identifying the origin of vehicles encountered affecting our gameplay and leads to unnecessary loss of good relations related to the roles and meaning of origin .
So I suggesting to add little help in recognition of the targets in range to the player.
By adding 1st letter of origin before string representing faction and name of vehicle , appearing at first at maximum range when dot and 1.5 km are shown .
Here are 3 pictures showing 3 stages of approach to the unknown (guardian origin) target .


^^^ This needs to happen yes please :slight_smile:


Only allies should be treated differently.


The factions should be put back to how they used to be!
pirets had the initial p at the ned of the faction name
alliance had A, traders had t ect
this should be once again redone.
otherwise too many people are going to cry about you took my ship out im a gurdian too your suppsed to be one and not shoot at me
and your acting like a piret
there are 3 problems with this

  1. by the time you see the name your turrets have allready started to fire at them
  2. by the time you see the name and find out what origin they are your turrets have allready taken out there warp drive and core maybe
    3.Do you trust somone who may or not may be hiding behind a origin. and allai with them just for the sake of not taking fire.
    yes should have allied but… so many people now seeing as the story line is not being enforced it so so much harder to see who is friendly and who is not and who you can trust and who you cant its a mess!
    if the faction names were put back adleast then if you see a t at the end and your a guardien you know to leave well alone and if you see the p you know you can attack obviously unless your allianced with them which i hope guardians are not otherwise your gaurdian would be questioned.
    ITS all a Mess…
    yes okay maybe you have less complaintes of who is attacking who in forum but there is so much more agro in game its making the game no fun to play and less gaming and more polotics. we play tohave fun and not to come and talk about game polotics, okay you may have this within you faction but thats it.

An easier way would be for the devs to allow us to set origin colours

so you know when you have a waypoint it is yellow

well origin colours so you can immediately identify

but what if you are colourblind?

i dont know…you got me there :wink:


Everything I know about colorblindness comes from this video:



We need colour DEV’s come on its not rocket science

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Game play Is less fun to play. Hate game politics!

I asked the devs if it is difficult to implement.

Will let you know