New Offline Protection rule

Hey @everyone,

ATTENTION: after recent issues I have implemented a new Offline Protection (OP) rule and made a whole section alone for that topic for better overview (see image or click the link):

The new rule is this one

You are not allowed to spawn / build OP structures near enemies (< 700 meter). Structures without OP are fine. But if we see such structures with an active OP < 700 meter to enemies they will be removed without warnings!

Since this new rule would affect some structures at the moment on EU and NA I give you time until tomorrow evening to remove them yourself.

Last but not least please understand the pure nature of OP and do not abuse it as weapon!
Alpha 8 will change some OP things but for now please do yourself and everyone else the favor and play fair.

Your HWS Team


Just a question. Would I be correct in assuming that in the situation of two enemy bases within 700 meters and both with OP enabled being found, it will be straight forward to check the server log to see which one was spawned later - and thus should be removed?

see the current Discord discussion in the community support channel.

Yeah, I will add this to the rule :no_mouth:

We see of course the timestamp of placed structures and if some smart guy tries to trick someone with that rule wringling we will know better.
A simple “first come, first serve” addition might do the trick I guess

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OP is bad thing for so balanced server as HWS, personally, for me - HWS main idea is - to have balanced society pvp/pve worlds without admins control and influences

I hope to return back to HWS server, when OP will be removed completely

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You are always welcome @NikolaTesla but as long as we have such a highly used CSW (about ~100 CSW jumps per day) we need OP and optimize it to perfection.
Otherwise PvP has no meaning anymore when one prime time fights against the other sleep time.

The world is not a pizza unfortunately…

Also, 6 - 8 guys who are organized well enough can just roll through and take down 4 - 6 undefended bases. All you need is a bit of coordination, a tank cv and you are good to go.

Hi, about magic OP, could you please comment such situation on this video: It’s a Lantia a few days ago. . Seems that OP is extremly boosted for some persons. Would be better if OP will be removed on pvp planets. Thanks.

Your cockpit was poorly positioned so took a full base volley and got destroyed. I see nothing unusual in that vid.

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