New Pirate faction looking for allies

The Black Hole Bandits [BhB] we are 7 deep at this time and new to HWS. We would like to ally with other Pirates for protection and raids. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Welcome BhB!

Are you on NA, EU? PVP or PVE?

Hope you enjoy the best servers in the net! :slight_smile:

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hi Darkhorse
welcome to hws.
This server is the best ive knows has a fab community.
Please if you are brand new to this game and server know 1 there is a full wipe for 6.0 so you will need ocd if you want to keep what you have allready collected 2 you will also need to level up your am that the hws server provides no other server i know of does this or the ocd. so please go take a look at this forum and its tools ect before 6.0 comes.
Happy hunting and PKA wil see you in PVP iā€™m sure.

NA still on starter