New pizza deliveryjust opened: pizza express!

Are you hungry??
You will hear from us.
Find us at the elemental marketplace or we come to you…

SEE YA SOON:pizza::pizza::pizza:

We all love pizza

And clean kichtens to:slight_smile:


Please tell me you do stuffed crust :smiley:

Chillin on pizza express, ultimate space experience!:))

Do you have small SV delivery bikes to take pizza to people?

You’d make a killing if you had a restaurant on a starter planet…

Come in for coffee and pizza and some encouragement for the wide universe :laughing:

BTW your idea has sparked a lightbulb for 6.0 ideas :wink:

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First of all,

Thanks for the encouragement.

We hope the pizza lovers will protect us and pirates will soon notice we got no loot. I only fear starting pirates who shoot on everything that moves. I keep the pizza s safe and always can spawn a new cv. they are not so expensive…
For now we only dock at markets but i like the scooter idea.
It would be nice for the starters to get some pizza delivery but am not allowed on the planets except my own origin.

Pizza express is a bit of an experiment to create a more social aspect into the game and to meet the communitie a bit.

The thing i miss the most for now is music in the shop :smile: Maybe on discord? got to figure it out…

LOve you guys, your doing a greeeaaaat job

:pizza: The pizza express team :pizza:

Awesome ! it would be so epic if you make a package with pizza + cookies :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for the encouragement guys!!
it is an awesome game!And even nicer that it is unfolding as we speak…
Empyrion and HWS, creating a real nice community-based game experience

for the pizza express it’s a little sad we can’t get to starters anymore,
verry potenial custommers, who could also need some help one s in a while…

But it’s also an important part of the game, to learn the game and learn survival, i v seen…
Too much help could lead that one doesn t really apreciate the game fully…

we all gotta struglle one s in a while,
Keep up with the universe, you guys are doin a great job!!