New planet Ideas?

This post will serve as a dropbox for any ideas for new planets you think would like to see added to the HWS Server.
Here is a format guide that might help keep things organized.

Planet name-[Name]

PVP/PVE status-[PVP, PVE, Rotational, Faction, ect]

Biome-[Desert, lava, Jungle, ect]

Gravity-[1G to 2G preferably]

Features-[Number of POIs, types of deposits, number of deposits, flora/fauna ect]

Notes-[Why do you think it would be a good addition to the server?]

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This is actually a cool topic. If someone want a special planet just post them here. We try to implement it then.

PvP lava planet 1.1g grav
Im not good with names so someone name it something.
There should be 8 deposits in total 4 gold and 4 neodium at orbit there could be multiple sathium and Iron asteroids orbit has to be PvP too.

There is a little catch on the planet as now it would sound too good. But it should be not possible to build bases at planet or orbit and this planet and orbit should be wiped every thuesday and friday repleneshing all deposits and asteroids. Allso at the orbit of this planet there should be massive taxation to stop deepspace camping. Planet like this would wakeup the PvP side of the server and no big faction could just sit there or make CV blockade on orbit (taxes) so smaller factions have chance too.

Edit: I allmost forgot about the most important part of this planet. There should be alien defence forces on planet and on orbit too so early birds have to work for thous ores when there is close to no other players there yet.