New Player - Good to start with HWS?


I’ve been researching this game for a while and I think I’d like to pick it up. During my research I found out about this server which looks great as well. Would this be a good place to start out find a group to play with and enjoy the game? Or would I be better off not jumping right into the server?

I’ve read through the slides and watched a few lets play so I’m not 100% in the dark but I don’t think I wan’t to play the game solo either as it looks way better with people and a lot of the features from this server.

So I guess I’m asking is it ok to start new here? Does anyone even want new players to join them on there faction/alliance?

Thanks for the taking the time to read!

Edit - American Player if that makes any difference :slight_smile:

It depends on the person really. I jumped right in, got wrecked a few times but that was very much expected so it didn’t bother me.

I would urge you to NOT play solo past the starter world. You should be able to find some somewhat established faction to join which will be able to teach you all you need and provide a safety net.

Even if you start your own faction make sure you are either totally allied with ALL factions of your origin or just avoid the origin planet completely - which is what I would suggest.

Hey Zorian,

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am an admin of HWS server and was once a player a long time ago. Let me just say that the community we have is incredible, There are large and small groups within the server and factions are always wanting new players. We even have dedicated players out there who have factions just to help new players become apart of the game and server.

We offer some quiet unique and exclusive features here at HWS and it can be a little daunting at first as Empyrion also has a steep learning curve, However, We are soon releasing a big bunch of tutorial videos to help new players get in the know quicker

Besides that as an ex player i think you’ve made the right choice posting 1st but i can assure you if you jump in game and let the players know you want to be in a group…you will get a lot of options depending on what play style your after

Have fun out there


Thanks for the replies I’m actually not sure on which style of play I even want to do as they all look enticing. Is there a recruitment forum of some sort? I could see my self playing any of the faction types really as they all look enjoyable but in terms of seeing who is recruiting on the forums I haven’t seen to many post. (Really none in pirates and only one or two in the other factions). I think I’m most interested in Bounty Hunters so far but I’m not ruling out the others.

Since bounty hunting seems to be one where you can do almost anything as they still need a backbone and supply but also can take part in PVP whenever they want.

For the most part, large well put together factions do not actively recruit everyone they can. When you bring in 50+ players into a server where one guy can plop a faction cv with 10 hv’s onto a taxed planet, and every person gets taxed, the potential for disastrous oversights is just too high. On top of that, there have been situations in the past where large factions got burned bad because one person was using an exploit that the rest of the faction does not know about, but benefited from.
I would suggest getting set up, move about, ally with people, start a small faction, and then if you get noticed, the better factions may approach you for membership. I for one have taken in new people, but never anyone who drops from the sky and immediately asks for a faction over and over again. I tend to monitor market trades, get a feel for the person’s personality based on how they post in global, then bring them into my faction (LoT Traders)

Makes sense thanks for the post I wasn’t looking for a handout or anything just what the options are out there to start out. Also, thanks for the advice! I’ll just have to jump on later today and see what I can do. I think I’ll try out the bounty hunters and see how it goes.

Hit up Discord. That’s probably the best way to find someone.

Most established factions have pretty serious trust issues as would be expected in any full loot PvP game - but there are plenty of smaller factions eager for an extra player.

Hang out in Discord and global and get to know the people.

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Welcome to the forum, I would suggest having a basic knowledge of the game but if you already done this then getting into the server is prob you best bet if you ask me, I would advise some thought into what origin you will choose, you can change this but you need to reset your character.
The community here is the best I’ve encountered in online gaming communities. There is lots of help for new players if you join the right origin :slight_smile: guardians and trader would be the top origins that help new players followed by hunter, freelancer and pirate altho they do have helpful players don’t have the basis or ethos for helping new players. If you do join the NA server I’m in the guardian faction and spend alot of time helping new players get started :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and advice. I’m a bit confused on the Guardian origin. Perhaps you can tell me a bit more about it. Its to help players like the traders and such but how do they fund themselves? My only concern on that one. Bounty Hunters get funds for doing there job (protection/killing etc) but what about Guardians?

Funds for guardians are a little interesting. A large amount of the money out there among guardians is left over from 4.0, when there was a massive credit benefit to being a guardian. As for fresh income, many guardians will run their own collection missions to stock what they need, and they do get 2000 blocks of combat steel each week, as well as an autominer core. Both of these are very valuable. There is also the possibility of a trader paying a guardian to compensate them for their assistance, and loot from killing pirates.

Guardians are basically the good guys and can be given missions or task by hws police, ontop of that we are basically supposed to protect the weak, but this can really only be done with the alliances between factions otherwise you will shoot them too lol, there was an invasion on pirates last night between trader and alliance fations, traders aren’t as helpless as you may think :wink:

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Interesting thanks for both replies that does make me want to try the Guardians more knowing that. Perhaps I’ll give them a look when I get home from work. I still have to grab the game and other things but hopefully i’ll be on tonight to give it a whirl.

Lol Black. I love that my little whims become gossip for the server :slight_smile:
Compiling video for this one still, Ill post a thread with the video once I find some that is not just frozen frames.

Sure by all means have a read over the origins again just to make sure your happy with your choice :slight_smile: