New Player Problems

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What happened: Theres someone with a fully decked out SV with plasma weaponry patrolling the whole starter planet for newbies on motorcycles and killing them constantly. Died to him 4 times in a row when trying to set up survival constructor. Managed to make basic base but when he loggedin he repeatedly only broke our constructor and when we went offline, despite there being offline protection listed in the Info on the ground base, he broke our entire base. THe second time he attacked, he was clearly watching us as we could see him, and waited until the server restarted to log back in before us and break our base and run away before we could return. This characters name is Burton Gaster
Player(s) with issue: Talon
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 1:32 pm
Playfield: Cryo L1
Structure Name(s): Temp base
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Changing to a completely different start, no action needed, just a heads up that this is happening so that new players on Cryo can’t even get started.

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Hey @Talonflight

thank you for your feedback! Yes, that is a tricky topic where the border between PvP “you know what you have chosen, you could have chosen PvE instead” or “veterans farming noobs” is.

As mentioned some weeks ago I’ve implemented now a new rule since our Tool got enhanced with that data “Playhours since wipe”.

Thanks. Im sure that will help new players a lot ^^ Hopefully me and that person can have an honest, fair fight out in space someday