New Player Questions

Brief introduction.

Played single player to the point of establishing a base, creating a SV, mining some asteroids, and then I figured I knew enough to attempt going to multiplayer.

Started playing on the NA server a little less than a week ago. Read everything here first and since I wanted to ultimately do PvP and wanted to avoid wipes I started on Earth. Drilled to the bottom and build a base there. Had everything needed for basic survival but ran low on magnesium and I’ve never seen it spawn from a meteorite so my turret ran out of ammo. Didn’t have time to build a SV and get some before I had to log off and next I logged on someone had destroyed literally every block in my base including the elevator blocks so I was almost trapped underground but managed to get out with jetpack and what little drill fuel I had on me.

So now I figure I best build a SV and just start a base out 50km from a planet as the guide suggests. Anyway on to the questions. I apologize if any of this is already covered elsewhere. I tried to read what I could find but much of the info is rather vague.

  1. It says if you want to start over from scratch type cb:reset. What does start over from scratch mean in this case? Do you literally start back at lvl 1 in the pod with all normal starting resources or is it more like the dying and starting fresh in the escape pod where you keep your level, get none of the resources but a survival constructor and a couple other things.

  2. If you log on only to find some person hacked/cheated/griefed you when you were offline is there any way for the admins to tell who did it? Otherwise it seems like 95% of the time they’ll never get caught since issues like that seem to occur mostly when the person is offline. (While offline protection probably would have helped me I didn’t have the necessary resources yet to build it).

There is a lot more I don’t really understand but I’m not at the point where it matters… yet. :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for any info

Hey and welcome :slight_smile:

  1. Fresh restart doesn’t reset your level, I don’t believe. Never tried it here though.

  2. Head over to the HWS connect page and you’ll find tools as well as an intruder log. Admins can track just about everything done in game so, if some one griefs you, check your intruder logs and then submit a report with evidence if possible.

I know this might not answer your first question. Explore the forums and HwS connect. They’re both very useful but gauging from your post, you seem pretty aware of the importance of a forum.

Anyway, have fun in game and I might see you out there in space xD

Hey and welcome Animus,

Earth is PvP so kind of really dangerous for a fresh Ex-Singleplayer guy :wink: You can do PvP mode even if you start on Mars (PvE). Maybe a suggestion.

Anyways there is a server setting which says, that a structure less than 10 blocks will be removed in 3 hours. Was your underground base such tiny? Don’t know which frustrated guy would even wipe elevators.
To check if it really was a hopeless guy please go to HWS Connect and check your Intruder log. It is a HWS specific tool which allows you to play Empyrion also over a website - any time, on any device - more or less. It will be boosted soon even more.

Anyways cb:reset means what you thought. A complete fresh start for you. Basically like you joining the server your first time. Everything is gone (except OCD, Auto Miner).
Which brings me to a little teaser: press F1 in the game or read everything about these two HWS features on HWS Connect - it is worth it. Especially the OCD.

Our rules don’t allow such persons to play on HWS. If we have good proofs we punish them quickly. As you can read here and there it is an alpha game and kind of suspecious things can happen but real griefers / cheater / hackers were always found till now.
The problem with Offline Protection and why we turned it off is that it is still not fun to play with. There are tactics with it possible which causing more problems than it is helping really.
We hope that they working on it for 4.0.

The Peacekeepers / OCD / fly far out in space are right now your best solution.

HWS has the steepest learning curve but once you get some commands and gameplay it is an unique gameplay we providing to you.

If you have any further questions let me know.

Good night

Thanks for the responses!

My base was 12x12 and had survived more than 3 hours of previous logoff time and there were other signs as well to show it was definitely a person who destroyed my base.

I’ll read more of the various info on HWS connect as I haven’t delved too deeply there yet.

The intruder log is really confusing. It’s a mile long and contains tons of entries, many from after my entire base was destroyed. I literally have no blocks at all placed anywhere in the universe and didn’t even log on today but there are still numerous entries from today…

What does ‘enemy deaths on attack’, ‘playfield of attack’, and ‘structure target’ mean in that context?

Hmm yeah checked it and will ask @Jascha about the Intruder log. There are too many wrong entries for you. Sorry.

  1. how often your enemy died while he was near your stuff (useful to get Ammo Drainer)
  2. Where it happened
  3. Which structure of you he was near to

Last night I was trying to mine some sathium from asteroids in the Earth system but they were all mined out. Figured they respawn so I would go to sleep, come back on today and try again but they are all still mined out.

How often do asteroids respawn their ore and do you need to be nearby and online for it to initiate that respawn?


ETA: Nevermind, someone in chat eventually suggested I sit on the moon instead and eventually a sathium meteorite would fall. And one did eventually fall lol so I’m good thanks :slight_smile:

nm eventually figured it out

If new player generally have general questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment there and I make it better visible for everyone.

Sounds good I’ll keep asking as I think of things.

Do perishable items placed in the OCD spoil or does the OCD act like a fridge as well?

What happens if you do ocd.get.all but you don’t have enough space in your backpack to hold everything?

Regarding the HWS Donator package just want to make sure I understand it all correctly. Prior to using any resource packages, when I did do:info it said I had 5 resource packages available and 0/10 used. I assume this means I’ve been playing ~ 50 hours on the HWS server so I earned 5 out of the max 10 resource packages and the remaining 5 would be earned at a rate of 1 for each additional 10 hours played? Also it says after a full wipe the HWS Donator package is refilled. Does that mean set back to 0/10 used or does it mean restored to whatever you were at pre-wipe, aka if I was 3/10 used, it would restore to 3/10 used?


The OCD is equipped with a super cooler fridge A+++++++ :wink:

You will just get as much as you have space in your inventory. Rest stays in OCD.


It means if you used now all of your 5 they get refilled, so you can use 5 again after wipe.


Me and 4 other players a group of friendly 30 - 50 year old men are looking for a server that is captivating, and we’re impressed with what HWS appears to offer :slight_smile:

We tried to join the EU server last night but it requires a password, how should we go about applying to join your server? At present I am the only one of us that has registered to the website and forums.

Kind Regards

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Hello and welcome @Fraser

HWS server don’t required a password. If it is asking you for a password for whatever crazy reason just click on OK and keep it empty. There is none.

Have fun!

Strange as we were unable to access the Server it kept asking for one and even typing a blank password refused access. However last night we were able to gain access :slight_smile:

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