New player? Worth a read :)

Well it have been a long and fast way to learn from me on the server…So Im here now hating and loving it. Need some tips please.

First sorry if my English is not perfect its not my first language…here i go!.

I purchased this game after getting disapointment with no mans sky, sky break, planet explorer and finally found this game that im IN LOVE. Them I choose server NA because i saw this server is well made with lot of stuff to learn. I dont have enought experience on singleplayer also.

So this was my journey.

1- Landed on planet earth ( was thinking is the best as a noob)
As soon i landed everyone was telling me to leave that planet because it will be wiped in 5 hours.

So i hurry myself crafted a prefab t1 house with all the equipment i need to craft my journey to get out. Them crafted hours later my SV and use it to get meteroits more faster till finally I crafted my prefab CV.

Goes out as fast i can to another orbit that was pvp just because planet earth have just 1 hour left to be wiped.

Landen there and changed from pvp to pve so i learned more about the server and planet rotation by the guide that i read at the short stops i can do while moving out from earth pretty fast.

I fly back to earth just to can park there while reading all the HWS guide and rules, also to get more resources that i cant find at the one i was to continue my journey… now with more time till the next wipe there on monday… I read everything.

Now Im a bit lost…that i feel hate and love with the game …its like my couple relationship lol…you hate it but love it.

I dont know where to go now… I read that if you wanted to live in one pve planet you must pay taxes. But in order to get credit i need to sale things. And i cant sale things because i dont have positive balance to pay the tax feed for sale someting. Them i search to how get credit and did my way to kill npc to get credit cards… Them im stuck again because i cant place the ATM at my CV and read that once you leave earth you cant build again there ( by the rules).

I want to be a trader thats my main purpose but i dont know whats the path i must follow. I apply to factions for traders and nobody acept me eather.

So as I think i must usea planet fast before the next wipe on monday on earth or stay at the one i am before turns pvp again to build a base and stay there them place the atm?.. Or its there a planet just for traders that ill better go there?

Can someone please give me a tip or a good url guide of how i can continue my path to be a trader? I feel very stuck right now staying just park it reading and learning about the server, codes and all but i dont find the way to keep moving foward its always to hurry and all i want its to settle and have my home not running always against time or wipes…

Thanks for reading this and next week also i will support the server.

  1. The help guide is really helpful. You should read it through.
  2. Safest place are faction planets. Yes, the tax, but if you keep your base small, it’s only 1k credits per day, you get 7k with “fa:survival” command (to use before joining a faction) so that should be enough. PvP orbits far from planets (I recommend 50km away) are probably second-best choice. Still safe, no tax, but no ores/gatherables.
  3. See the market, skim through orders and recent deals to get the idea of prices and volumes of trade. Than mine/produce/gather what is bought at good price and you’ll never be in need.
    P.S. people should really advice better about the starter wipes. If you have only a few hours left, I would rather suggest stuffing everything you can in your inventory and rebuilding after the wipe.
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Everything that Veber said.

Also, you can make your own faction, you don’t have to join a faction. Read the instructions at 6.1 on the link that Veber gave you.

You can make credits by:

  • Completing missions - click F1 to see missions. Also some great weapons
  • By killing NPCs (as you said) though they are usually killed by experienced players quite quickly
  • By selling things on the market
  • Mining gold and converting to ingots, then to credits - the gold planets are very dangerous so not so good for you
  • If your faction is a trader, once a week you can ask for supply from the server and you will get quite a bit of gold. The command (enter this in chat) is fa:supply. “fa” means it’s a faction command. I think you might have to wait a week after the fa:survival command Veber mentioned. Other factions give you other rewards. See the faction section on Veber’s link
  • From 1% interest per day on everything you hold in the bank. Add all your coins to the bank with the chat command “eb:cointocr”, ie eb=Elemental Bank, cointocr=coins to credits

More commands are available on this site at You really should read the site and the whole guide.

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Nope, those timers are separate.
You need reputation for “fa:supply” though.

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You can sell things on market, without money, on the “wanted” tab and get some money to list your stuff. As well you can use the comand fa:survival.

Now, if you let me ask, which is your first language?

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Join a Faction ! Don’t make your own. Find people to play with.

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Also What Havenox said . What is your first language ?

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Thank you guys for all the tips and suggestion I will do them from now.

And @Havenox it is Spanish.

Im going to read that guide thanks

Nice. I’m a non-english-as-first too… learning yet, by now. But i like to participate on forums when i can to learn more ^^

mine is brazilian portuguese, by the way. :slight_smile:

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Obrigado!! eu falo poco!!!
And yes this forum saves me now im doing money and learning way better even than the guide.

Hope to see you ingame one day my friend!!

Muito obrigado sim :slight_smile:

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good lord why the server its soo hard to new corners?

I finally made my way with this tips and got 30k CR ( i play at nights on free time)

So I leave my SV at traders planet now also im part of a trader guild of around 5 people. And leaved my CV at the deep space. Today im back before i leave with my wife and all my bank money is gone because was charged 30k on taxes…30k for a SV?..while my CV was raided by pirates at 8000m from the planet

There is no way for a new corner to survive just than be on pvp servers (with no tax and they will kill you because they have better stuff ) or living in orbits and to have luck that others dont see you. It seems that if you dont play all day you cant survive here. But if you play around 2 hours a day and your new…better leave because not even ofline protection its active and cant leave turrets running while ofline.

I wish starter wipes can be longer than 1 week twice…this time its to short for you grow up from cero by playing around 2 or 3 hours by day

I Feel frustraded Im sorry

That’s possible if it has 30+ devices and you don’t have any RP.

That can’t be considered safe. Make it 50km from planet and you’re good.

Only one of the two wipes includes orbit. So you can keep your stuff there on monday.

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I agree it is a very hard server for new comers (not “corners”). Especially if you don’t play many hours.

A lot of information has been provided but as things change quite often it’s very hard to know what is current.

The recent changes which require reputation have made it a lot harder. This means you have to allow for a few weeks of struggle until you can get comfortable. That’s not so bad and makes the game more enjoyable in the long term

The server is now more focussed on PvP than it was, and you’re coming in at a hard stage for new people. But things change often and it’s worth sticking around.

Here’s what I did:

  • Get starter money straight away as described above (fa:survival)
  • If you start on Friday after starter system wipe, focus on getting an SV to get into orbit by the Monday planet wipe. That gives you 7 days if you can get into orbit for the Monday wipe. I suspect you’ve probably done this as you got out of the starter system already.
  • I’m not sure how trader works now - I believe reputation doesn’t accumulate until you have OCD level 3, so there may be no point being a trader. But if you can get reputation, you can get supply which will start the flow of cash
  • Once you have enough money (by one of the methods above), buy the gold HWS autominer (not the same as the in game device). Keep converting the ore to credits and using that to upgrade you autominer. Level 5 has been enough for me to get the money to be comfortable
  • 2-3 hours a day on starter planets should be plenty of time to get a CV to warp to safety. Again, I’m sure you done this already. Probably the key resource for the next step is O2 so get as much as you can for living in space
  • After that live in space for a time. Find a system that’s safe to enter, eg the PvE space that is part of the PvP-PvE rotation. Get there safely and fly to at least 50-60k from the warp gate/planet. You should be able to stay here forever undisturbed, building up your credits and reputation. Though as you’ll need O2 and resources you’ll want to either come to the planet when it’s PvE or try one of the other systems. Jagal is good because it’s PvE for 3 days over the weekend which suits your playing style
  • As your reputation goes up, the cost of a trader planet base will go down. You can then chose a time to establish your base when you can afford it

These are just some ideas. Others may have better suggestions.

Buena suerte.


Remember to always always always set your ships to faction. If they are public or private anyone can see them anywhere on the map.

I have gotten several kills in Traderworld in the last few days due to people leaving their bases/CVs private on the map.


I was out by the weekend and I read all the replys and the guide again same as the forum.

Thank you guys for all the help and tips…I notice that its not the server and that it was my fault for not stop first to read and learn more before play.

Thank you for all the patience to.

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