New Rule: Account Boosting

Good Morning @everyone
as some of you noticed, the recent days I’m busy with real life and temporary doing other things than HWS (some call it recovery / vacation?)

Unfortunately I found out, that this allows some players to go wild and exploit.
The new and big feature I added on HWS RE, the HWS Star Fragments, became quickly the easiest Origin XP farm method available.
As always, this attracts the common enemy: greed.

Thus I added a new rule today: Account Boosting:
I thought I covered it already with Rule 5.1, but it seems a separate rule about it, is more understandable for those, who use multiple accounts not in the intended way (e.g. for a family member).
I’ll clean up the Account Boosters I find today and think about reworking the whole Star Fragment feature to prevent that in the first place.
If you don’t know what account boosting is, just google it. You will find some interesting articles about it :wink:

Sorry for the inconveniences it will cause for those, who just want to enjoy the game.