New Universe for NA Server

So we had a very long discussion on the NA server about what we would like to see in a new map after the next big patch causes a wipe. I decided to create a thread for people to RESPECTFULLY share and discuss their opinions.
-Have mostly PvP worlds with more resources than the 2 PvE worlds and have them far enough away that it isn’t feasible to jump back and forth with supplies.
-Have PvP Space randomly and more PvE space for people to park their ships.
-Possibly make planets change from PvE to PvP (not sure if that’s even possible)

Share and discuss your ideas below.

Do note that there is no guarantee from anyone of a new universe after the next major wipe, it was simply some ideas being tossed around :slight_smile:

Does this effect the EU server at all? Me and my 20 Union guys love our PVE planet tbh. (Although we’re fine with more PVP planets/space in the universe, just leaves our alone please)

I would like to see a sort of less “linear” planet setup. Eve online has a pretty good map example where you have some systems with multpile warp access points, and some with very narrow options. So essentially with our current spiral setup, it’s possible to blockade someone by patrolling 2 systems. With a more dynamic setup, you could patrol one choke point, but a creative smuggler could work their way around those choke points.

I definitely agree with that and while I think the spiral was a really creative design, I think there are a lot of issues with people being too spread out.

I’ll third that. A sparsely connected design tends to result in a highly segregated server.