Newly placed base crumbled upon placement

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What happened: I just finished the blueprint creation for a new base. I selected the blueprint (which was completed), and proceeded to attempt to locate a place where I could put the base down. Upon placing the base down, where it clearly and succinctly indicated that it was green - and thus appropriate and acceptable to do so - I placed it. No issues at that point.

However, I noticed a small issue with one outstanding block that needed to be removed, which was on the exterior and not a supporting block. Upon removal of that one block, nearly half of the newly placed base crumbled, thus making it null and void. The game itself indicated that it was a legitimate location to place, it was not red but green in color, and yet nearly a week of mining for resources and production time have now been for naught.

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated, as I am beyond frustrated, annoyed and angry at this moment. Please help me.

Player(s) with issue: Kevin Bourne

Server: HWS NA Server

Time (cb:time): It is currently 1954-Pacific Standard Time on 04-January-2018. This issue happened approximately 5-10 minutes ago. The current time is 0354-UTC, 05-January-2018.

Playfield: Old Geezer planet

Structure Name(s): Bourne-DarkBA

Structure ID(s): 8822928

How can we help you now: Is there any way to reset the structure and have it placed so that it is legitimate? Or return the resources so that I can build a less workable but apparently more appropriate base? I am sorry, but after nearly a week of devoting hours upon hours to this, for it to be decimated simply based on structural integrity when the system showed it as usable, is beyond frustrating to the point of excessive vulgarities.

Its always best practice if the ground is not level to place blocks under the structure in creative that extend down a few, and when spawning it press page down to get it to the desired height. That way when its spawned you dont have a partial area(s) sticking up with very weak structural integrity.

if i were you i would turn on the structor inter in crative and try to respawn it there 1st before spawning in in game you may find too with the terrain it could still crumble even though it is green it dosent maen its sturcture is good when you spawn it the green just lets you klnow that there is room for you to spawn it

I apologize, but in my apparently ineptitude and inability to understand the rather basic mechanics, I was unaware that you could utilize the “structural integrity” aspect of the debug in order to observe those traits.

We have all been there man, every one of us. It’s the cost of learning the game.

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Ill check it out

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