Nextwipe has too much info, could not click it away

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What happened:

I did a cb:nextwipe. got a (more than) screen full of info. Could not click it away and it blocked any other input/output. So I had no choice but to kill the game and restart it

Player(s) with issue:

Don’t think it is player related


EU, but expect it to be common

Time (cb:time):




Structure Name(s):

not relevant

Structure ID(s):

not relevant

How can we help you now:

No help needed, but you probably need to look into it and see what happens if info is more than a screen can handle and buttons to click away the msg are no longer visible…

You have. Just press your ENTER key.

Jascha only shows the next 3 days. Shouldn’t be that much.
Please post a screenshot so we know how much he needs to trim.

I will remember the enter button (did not try that). but maybe esc or just clicking outside the box would help. Best would be to trim it or create a scroll box.
Screenshot I have is same a s Odinsblade posted below

Sadly we have no influence on the window. Its how Eleon build it. We can only try to use less text for now.

ok :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply.
And keep pushing the devs :slight_smile:

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