Nice present

Got disconnected when in Antimatter System, when relogged, spawned here, obviously the turrewts instakilled me, and back full of gold lost, happy Christmas SWP, thanks for ignoring me in global chat when 3 of you connected.

Image available on Support-English channel on discord. h23:27 04/11/2017

3rd time in a week i lose my backpack and i don’t get anything back. that’s enough for me

Hey @Rheynardt - no one is ignoring you, we’re just incredibly busy and don’t always see Global Chat. I certainly haven’t seen any shouts for help from you or I would have responded.

Sorry to hear about your experience and sorry that we missed you.

Please see the guide HERE about receiving the best support and hopefully we’ll see you back soon.

When i said thasnks for ignoring me, wasn’t taling to you admins, but to SWP guys, they were connected, i explained them the problem, when i asked them my backpack back they started ignoring me.

oooohh … lol, sorry, glad about that - still sorry to hear about your plight tho …

Can i have my backpack back?

if you can post using template (so we have all info in one place) we can have a look for you

Thank you for waste my time i unpacking the base three hours. :rage: Now i find and kill you all! :japanese_ogre: :joy: BTW you backpacks are most empty (maybe two-three stacks of the gold ingots) And you not be alone my friend. SO i think you special use some sort of the bug. I see three members of the ITA, at least two backpacks - near my base. And SWP members do not know about what base you are talking.

P.S. And i see you are not the first who “find” my base and defence system.

we were 3 on the same cv, but i talk about me. If the others don’t complain, or simply they don’t care it’s not my problem. How you think i can use the special bug idiot? What the fuck are you talking about?

Sarcasm don’t know? Tongue the bite - insect. Idiot sit in your pants. Don’t need three of you to fly on CV and you dont catch this bug again. Dont explode because of the bugs of the game. Your trick (this OLD OLD bug) cost me senseless dragging and dropping resources for half a day.

My trick? You accuse of bug so use you know that bug, i’m new in this server and game. Man you’re dirty not me


:joy: I want nothing from you.

I mean what the fuck you want from me? I lost my inventory and i also got accused by exploiting? are you crazy or what?

3 stupid ITa look at the fortuna’s face and f*up all his luck. instead of trying to plunder someone else’s defenseless base, they died there and left their loot. Loooooooolllll

Raiden it was bug ffs…

Ok ok i don’t find you and don;t kill you (i mean you in game character) - just relax! Or God forbid - you will fly to the moon from you chair because of the exhaust gases. Who are get out you from there?

Why do I have to waste time to babysit this crap @A.F.T ?

If you wouldn’t have caused this drama I could have implemented the event PvP planet.

Get out of here and be happy with your punishment.