Nice Update *Read Alpha Experimental 4.3.0

One of the best UP:

Changes to how HUD names are shown:

  • Adapted distance at which HUD tags are shown:
  • planet: 350m (instead of 250m)
  • space: 1500m (instead of 1000m)
  • Name + faction info appears at 300m (planet) and 1250m (space) - before: 200m / 500m
  • Changed: un-powered structures are again showing their name in HUD

Bases shooting further than CV’s… now that is a good change.

Yes it is , CV should be the king of space not space and planets. +1

Tweaked weapon ranges (BA turrets have now a higher range than CV weapons):

  • slightly increased weapon range for Bases for some turrets

  • slightly reduced weapon range for CV for some turrets

I’d feel a lot better about it if you couldn’t bury everything but the turrets and plop down a ton of 5k iron max turret tower bases all over the place.

I’d rather they removed gun limits on bases and limited you to 1 base per planet. I don’t mind one mean nasty bases but the current meta of stand alone turret towers is dull as hell for both sides.

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Off line raiding should cost you something. Atm being able to simple snip one tower w/o any risk was silly.

This is a great change , Maybe now we can get back to epic land battles.

Yes RAT the fights with you guys using HV’s and SV’s was some of the most fun anyone can have in the game imo.

Battle lasting over the course of a week. Epic good times

Agreed. Raise the limit(wouldnt outright delimit) for bases and limit how many you can have. Right now its just a spam fest

Well lets just see how it works after this next patch ?

I mean 1 guy can kill / did kill 20+ bases in short order so not sure why this ’ spam feast " is an issue tbh.

Maybe limit # of CV’s per faction ?

well CVs wont be able to do that anymore, unscathed anymore. However its breaking the playfields. Surely you have noticed the constant notifications telling people the playfields are full and eventually going to be wiped.

Limit the number of CVs. why would that fix anything… ohh wait just cause you cannot field the same amount does not mean the rest of us should be limited to what you can field. Why should a say 25 man faction be limited to the same as a 5 person faction or even a 1 person faction

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So dj your place style is CV mostly . I can see why you would not want to have anything to change that.

How do you know that it’s the bases ? and not all the Ships that get blown up on the planets ?

You have no idea what is the cause of the play field bugs.

People bug out all the time on Ships / CV’s . A lot more than Bases

So before you try and " fix " the server lol , Learn how to read the error logs when you or your mates get stuck in your CV :slight_smile:

and or even better code us up a fix

100% more bugs with Ships than any bases

Look at the cute little dude trying to act smart… So yeah ships are going to be more glitchy as you call it. They are not stationary. anything on the planet whether its CV, SV, HV, BA whatever. I was using the Bases as the prime example as i have not come across many of the others littered on the planets or moons(not counting the other factions planets). Countless empty or dead “bases” on most of the planets and moons though. Gold planet has a few ships on it but still its a little different as its the only place one can go to get gold and people are dumb. This was supposed to be about how to fix the bases vs. CVs aspect as bases were being outclassed by CVs.

As for the error logs I do know how to read them. the hardest part is understanding what is being read and interpreting it into what the game was trying to do and what failed. As for coding. I have faith in the devs with player feedback to eventually figure out the nuances. You still keep skirting the issues by deflecting with random information and general uneducated guesses about people and game mechanics

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Servers in that build can chat to players without casting it to everybody online. So no more chatbot spam!

Yeah actually hold conversations properly lol

I have helped build / defend / attack many bases on Gold. Mostly with the RAT faction. ( Tons of Fun )

When this last server wipe happened , The number of bases that were built and destroyed was huge. Only real issue at that time was the turret fire through the terrain. That is mostly fixed.

Now the number of ships / CVs / SV’s and HV’s that where killed I would bet far out numbered the bases,

The most common error atm on the server is mostly with Ships. Getting stuck / DC’ing and your ship warping with out you and a few others.

I play both ways love the ship vs ship pvp but also love the bases / HV , ground battles. As to what is the root cause to the play field errors I have no clue but I have a few ideas and don’t think it is the few 40+ bases that might pop up on Gold.
Now you get 2-5 CV;s all shooting anywhere and you will see lag , people dc’ing and all sorts of issues.

Don’t think anyone here wants to limit the number of CV’s per faction or the bases per faction on pvp play fields. IF that is a issues easy enough to go and remove them " pvp " .

I’ve primarily built bases and I’d like to think I’m okay at it. The fact that CV’s could snipe out everything I built and carefully positioned without evening triggering the Intruder Alert was/is ridiculous.

On Planet, if I use homing missiles, careful flying, and base support I can take out a CV - if I’m fortunate. In space, a CV tears me to pieces in seconds.

I look at it like this - Base > CV, Base > SV - HV> Base, SV=SV, HV=HV, CV=CV, CV>SV.

That’s in ordinary equal skill/equal circumstances, homing missiles does help for those who aren’t as skilled, but aren’t too game breaking… well except for homing missiles from CVs on planet.

this is not even the arguement. WE KNOW CV BATTLES CAN CAUSE LAG. Past this point and well excepted with in our group already. This is unavoidable until the devs can refine net code and what not. We were discussing the upcoming changes while you(TokenBlack) keep pushing other random ass arguements. Before the wipe there were significantly more bases than 40. Im sure if i had the time and patience to count its got more than 40 on it right now(to include SV, HV, CV, BA(all counts to the number). The whole point is to figure out a limit but no limit the playfields. Spamming crap all over them slows down the play field and when the most stuttering occurs its rather easy to identify just visiting planets, moons, space that is not overly populated it can be a someone staggering difference.

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Yeah this new build will be a good step. and Ran you have built some pretty nice bases. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe after this next up date they might have a better life span and not so easy to offline snipe. And maybe some serious thought into the N+1 with bases / CV’s needs to be looked at .

All the time a ping pong hijack everywhere. Dunno why but as long as I have popcorn…

The most crucial thing will be the new chat system… not only the spam is gone… now the real fun can start…