Nikola Tesla HWS life

I saw survey, and how people selected best HWS time and found interesting what happens with me on HWS server.

My simple HWS life …

I joined to HWS server, selected Hunter profile, and start learning … how to dig crystals and sell to market … I found interesting people, and we started sell crystals to market …

Being hunter origin, I joined 2 Russians factions and understand that they are anarchic, but they teach me how to play and how to spend all resources just in one fight … crazy Ivans … you will never understand what they will do next :slight_smile:

Being hunter origin, I left any factions, and start hunter life by killing any any any strangers in space, I killed more than 110 CV (45 during quick warpes - thanks to “gents”), and hundreds peaceful and dangerous pilots and their passengers, finally I started space consulting for 1 Russian, 1 Ukranian and 3 European factions to learn best tactics what I met in my Emp life, we created new amazing vehicles … it was best time @DeeExpus :slight_smile: ) Finally I has zero on my account, but bank idea helps turned me to make 60 million just in 4 days before wipe (speculations/trading) …

Being hunter origin, I established R&F Bank (Rich&Fat) with my partners and earned 2.2 billion for them and 1.5 billion for me … I help people to be rich … and I think it destroyed the economy market. We inflated gold pricing up to 200 market basic points. My priority was money, money and money. Maybe I killed few people but gave them some money for that. I continued my space consulting but finally left any faction.

Being hunter origin, banking corporations were ruined, I started to make profits from purchasing ore by lower price and selling high economic added values goods to people and market, and earned additional 600 million. I didn’t kill any people during this season. But gave opportunity 40 players to sell me directly any ores and goods, I think it was beginning of their story to be rich merchants …

HWS7 and after - I never played …

All my HWS life I was a hunter. I killed people, sometimes I was very strange, I can kill noobs and people, and took all their loot, cv, all sv’s, all hv’s, and give them recommendation - to start again … But sometimes I gave some people 900 million credits for free, just having nice mood in this mornings.

I want to say sorry to all players, for all my previous actions.
And who knows, maybe I will start my HWS life again. I don’t know what origin I will choose.
I will be back soon. Please give me any recomendations what I can do on this server.
Any proposals are welcome!
Yours, Nikola Tesla …


We need a good merc faction to hire. Someone that has no allegiance and can come in and sway the tides of a fight = all for a fee.

thanks for the compliment!

Ranzeth, you don’t need any help.

After all, your Ranzeth. You got this.

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Or instead help the Swelling ranks of the Rebel Aliance Wipe them of the face of the server :slight_smile:

No one complimented you lol. By “we” I mean server. There are basically two main forces - Empire vs Rebels. A third party would make things more interesting.

Not for me, for others. Some people need a faction to hire when they are under attack.

Coughs* Hi, at your service

… you haven’t been on for like 2 months.

Some say, when the server needs him most, Nikola Tesla will return :wink:

Maybe even Mr Tomato too lulz

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I miss having you as my partner. :cowboy_hat_face:

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